The Five Precepts or ‘Pancha Shraddha’ - Hinduism Basics for Children

Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram

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 ‘Pancha Shraddha’ or the five precepts constitute the five basic Hindu beliefs. By teaching these to sons and daughters, parents worldwide pass on the Sanatana Dharma to their children.

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Sarva Brahman: God is All in All

Murti of Adi Shankara

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The dear children should be taught of one Supreme Being, all-pervasive, transcendent, creator, preserver, destroyer, manifesting in various forms, worshiped in all religions by many names, the immortal Self in all. They learn to be tolerant, knowing the soul's Divinity and the unity of all mankind.

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Mandira: Holy Temples

Temple in Dodda Ganeshana Gudi Complex, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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The dear children should be taught that God, other divine beings and highly evolved souls exist in unseen worlds. They learn to be devoted, knowing that temple worship, fire-ceremonies, sacraments and devotionals open channels for loving blessings, help and guidance from these beings.

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Karma: Cosmic Justice

Buddhist prayer wheels in a temple in Nepal, Kathmandu.

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The dear children should be taught of karma, the divine law of cause and effect by which every thought, word and deed justly returns to them in this or a future life. They learn to be compassionate, knowing that each experience, good or bad, is the self-created reward of prior expressions of free will.

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Samsara-Moksha: Liberation

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The dear children should be taught that souls experience righteousness, wealth and pleasure in many births, while maturing spiritually. They learn to be fearless, knowing that all souls, without exception, will ultimately attain Self Realization, liberation from rebirth and union with God.

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Veda, Guru: Scripture, Preceptor

Faithful Gather At Temple During Kheer Bhawani Festival In Kashmir

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The dear children should be taught that God revealed the Vedas and Agamas, which contain the eternal truths. They learn to be obedient, following the precepts of these sacred scriptures and awakened 'satgurus,' whose guidance is absolutely essential for spiritual progress and enlightenment.

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