Simple Conjugations of "Partager" (to Share)

A Brief Lesson in Conjugating a Common French Verb

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When you want to say "she is sharing" or "we will share" in French, you'll use the verb partager. It means "to share," and to get it into the present, future, or past tense required for proper grammar, a conjugation is necessary. A quick lesson will show you how to create those basic forms of partager.

The Basic Conjugations of Partager

Like many French verb conjugations, partager is a bit of a challenge, though it's not as bad as you may fear. Partager is a spelling change verb, meaning that there is a slight change in spelling as you move from one conjugation to the next.

The spelling issues can be seen in the conjugations where the typical ending would begin with an a or o. These are primarily in the imperfect past tense where endings like -ais or -ait are added to the verb stem (or radical). However, with verbs that end in -ger, we want to retain the soft g sound (as in "gel" and not "gold"). To do this, an is placed between the stem and the ending.

Other than that minor change, you'll find that the endings used for partager follow the patterns of regular -er verbs. In this sense, it is easier to memorize the conjugations. To practice them, match the subject pronoun with the proper tense. This results in je partage, meaning "I am sharing," and nous partagions, meaning "we shared."

Present Future Imperfect
je partage partagerai partageais
tu partages partageras partageais
il partage partagera partageait
nous partageons partagerons partagions
vous partagez partagerez partagiez
ils partagent partageront partageaient

The Present Participle of Partager

The present participle of partager also requires the stem change. That's because we add -ant to the end, so the softening effect of the e is necessary. The result is partageant.

Partager in the Compound Past Tense

The passé composé is a commonly used compound past tense for French. It requires you to conjugate the auxiliary verb avoir into the present tense, then adds the past participle partagé. For example, "I shared" is j'ai partagé and "we shared" is nous avons partagé.

More Simple Conjugations of Partager

Among the other simple conjugations you may need for partager are the subjunctive and the conditional. The former implies uncertainty to the act of sharing while the latter says its dependent on conditions.

If you do much reading or writing in French, you may also encounter or need the passé simple or the imperfect subjunctive.

Subjunctive Conditional Passé Simple Imperfect Subjunctive
je partage partagerais partageai partageasse
tu partages partagerais partageas partageasses
il partage partagerait partagea partageât
nous partagions partagerions partageâmes partageassions
vous partagiez partageriez partageâtes partageassiez
ils partagent partageraient partagèrent partageassent

When you want to tell someone to "Share!" or use partager is a similar declaration, the French imperative can be used. For this, skip the subject pronoun and simplify it to "Partage!"

(tu) partage
(nous) partageons
(vous) partagez
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