Parts of Speech Printable Worksheets

They include a word search, a crossword puzzle, and a secret code word activity

Parts of Speech Printables
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When children study grammar, one of the most basic lessons they learn involves the parts of speech. The term refers to the category to which words are assigned based on how they function in a sentence. Knowing and understanding the parts of speech help children avoid grammar errors and write more effectively.

The eight parts of speech

English grammar is composed of eight basic parts of speech:

  • Nouns: Name a person, place, thing, or idea. Some examples are "dog," "cat," "table," "playground," and "freedom."
  • Pronouns: Take the place of a noun. You might use "she" in place of "girl" or "he" instead of "Billy." 
  • Verbs: Show action or a state of being. Verbs include the words "run," "look," "sit," "am," and "is."
  • Adjectives: Describe or modify a noun or a pronoun. Adjectives give details such as color, size, or shape. 
  • Adverbs: Describe or modify a verb, adjective, or another adverb. These words often end in "-ly," such as "quickly," "quietly," and "softly."
  • Prepositions: Begin phrases called prepositional phrases that describe the relationship between other words in the sentence. Words such as "by," "to," and "between" are prepositions. Examples of their use in a sentence include: "The girl sat by the lake." "The boy stood between his parents."
  • Conjunctions: Join two words or clauses. The most common conjunctions are "and," "but," and "or." 
  • Interjections: Show strong feeling. They're often followed by an exclamation point, such as "Oh!" or "Hey!"

Try some fun activities with your children to help them learn to identify each part of speech. One activity could be using a different colored pencil for each part of speech and underlining them in old magazines or newspapers.

Print out these parts of speech worksheets for your children to complete:

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Parts of Speech Vocabulary

Parts of Speech Vocabulary
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Spend some time discussing parts of speech with your students or children. Provide plenty of examples of each. Then, have students complete this parts of speech vocabulary sheet.

For some enjoyable practice identifying parts of speech, pull out some of the children's favorite books and find examples of the different parts of speech. You could treat it like a scavenger hunt, searching for an example of each.

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Word Search

Parts of Speech word search
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As children look for the names of the parts of speech in this word puzzle, encourage them to review the definition for each. See if they can come up with one or two examples for each part of speech as they locate its category in the puzzle.

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Crossword Puzzle

Parts of Speech Crossword Puzzle
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Use this crossword puzzle as a simple, engaging activity to review the parts of speech. Each clue describes one of the eight basic categories. See if students can correctly complete the puzzle on their own. If they have trouble, they can refer to their completed vocabulary worksheet.

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Word Challenge

Parts of Speech Worksheet
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You can use this challenge worksheet as a simple quiz on the eight parts of speech. Each description is followed by four multiple choice options from which students can choose. 

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Alphabet Activity

Parts of Speech Worksheet
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Young students can use this grammar activity to review the eight parts of speech and brush up on their alphabetizing skills. Children should write each of the terms from the word bank in alphabetical order on the blank lines provided.

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Unscrambling Activity

Parts of Speech Scramble
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In this activity, students unscramble the letters to reveal each of the eight parts of speech. If they get stuck, they can use the clues at the bottom of the page to help. 

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Secret Code

Parts of Speech Worksheet
Beverly Hernandez

Let your students play super sleuth with this challenging secret code activity. First, they must decipher the code. Then, they can use their decoding key to identify the parts of speech.

There are clues at the bottom of the page to help if they have trouble.

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