Parts of the Body for English Learners

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The words below are the most important words used when talking about all things related to the body. All of the words are categorized into different sections of the body such as the torso, head, legs, etc. You'll find example sentences for each word to help provide context for learning. There is also a list of body movement verbs including which body part completes each action. 

The Body - Arms and Hands

  • elbow - Don't jab your elbow into me. It hurts!
  • finger - He pointed his finger at her and shouted "I love you!"
  • index finger/middle/little/ring - Many people wear their marriage band on their ring finger.
  • finger nail - Have you ever painted your finger nails?
  • fist - Make your hand into a fist and then pound it on the table for more food.
  • forearm - You should put some sunscreen on your exposed forearm.
  • hand/left and right - I write with my right hand. That makes me right-handed.
  • palm - Show me the palm of your hand, and I'll read your future.
  • thumb - Our thumb might be the most valuable digit we have.
  • wrist - That's a beautiful bracelet on your wrist.

The Body - Heads and Shoulders

  • chin - He has a very strong chin. He should become an actor.
  • cheek - She brushed her daughter's cheek and sang a lullaby.
  • ear - You need to clean out your ears! You can't hear anything.
  • eye - Does she have blue eyes or green?
  • eyebrow - Jennifer spends a lot of time making her eyebrows stand out.
  • eyelash - She has very thick eyelashes.
  • forehead - Look at that forehead. He must be a genius.
  • hair - Susan has light brown hair and blue eyes.
  • head - His head is rather large, isn't it?
  • lip - Her lips are like soft pillows.
  • mouth - He's got a big mouth!
  • neck - I love her long neck.
  • nose - She's got a beautiful petite nose.
  • nostril - He flairs his nostrils when he is angry.
  • jaw - You chew your food with your jaw.
  • shoulder - Dennis had broad shoulders.
  • tooth (teeth) - How many teeth have you lost?
  • tongue - Stick your tongue back in your mouth!
  • throat - The beer flowed down my throat easily on the hot day.

The Body - Legs and Feet

  • ankle - Your ankle connects your foot to your leg.
  • calf - Her calf muscles are very strong from all the running.
  • foot (feet) - Put your shoes on your feet and let's go.
  • heel - As you walk down the hill, dig your heels into the dirt to help balance you.
  • hips - I think I've put some weight onto my hips. I'm thick around the waist.
  • knee - Your leg bends at the knee.
  • leg - Put on your pants one leg at a time.
  • shin - Be sure to protect your shins when you play soccer.
  • thigh - His thighs are huge!
  • toe - A toe is like a finger on the foot.
  • toenail - She likes to paint her toenails pink.

The Body - The Trunk or Torso

  • bottom - Your bottom is used for sitting.
  • chest - He has a broad chest because he swims a lot.
  • back - Are you experiencing any pain in the back?
  • stomach - I'm eating too much and my stomach is growing!
  • waist - She has a slim waist and will fit into anything!

All Parts of the Body

  • blood - The hospital needs more blood.
  • bone - Our skeleton is made of bone. 
  • hair - It's amazing how much hair is on the floor after a haircut.
  • muscle - You should always stretch your muscles before you go running. 
  • skin - Make sure to put on sunscreen to protect your skin. 

The Body - Verbs 

Here is a list of verbs that are used with different parts of the body. Each verb is listed with the specific body party part which completes the action.

  • blink    eyes
  • glance    eyes
  • stare    eyes
  • wink    eye
  • point    finger
  • scratch    finger
  • kick    foot
  • clap    hands
  • punch    hands
  • shake    hands
  • slap    hands
  • smack    hands
  • nod    head
  • shake    head
  • kiss    lips
  • whistle    lips/mouth
  • eat    mouth
  • mutter    mouth
  • talk    mouth
  • taste    mouth
  • whisper    mouth
  • breathe    mouth/nose
  • smell    nose
  • sniff    nose
  • shrug    shoulders
  • bite    mouth
  • chew    mouth
  • stub    toe
  • lick    tongue
  • swallow    throat