Parts of the Microscope Printables

Parts of a Microscope
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Microscopes add depth to science studies. They are an essential piece of equipment for courses such as high school biology, but students of all ages can benefit from access to a microscope.

The word microscope is derived from the Greek words micro (small) and scope (look at), and that's what a microscope does. It allows users to look at things too small to be seen by the naked eye. Microscopes have been around since the late 1500's when the earliest versions were created in the Netherlands.

We commonly think of doctors, scientists, and biologists using microscopes, but the devices are also useful in other fields such as geology and engineering. 

Since a microscope is usually one of the more expensive classroom investments, it's important that students know how to use and care for it. Proper use begins with understanding the parts of a microscope and each part's function.

Today, there are a variety of microscope types, including simple, compound, and electron microscopes. Most microscopes used in a classroom setting are compound microscopes. These usually consist of a light source and three to five lenses with a total magnification of 40x to 1000x. 

The following free printables can help you teach your students the basic parts of a microscope so that they are ready to dive into a world previously unseen.

Parts of a Microscope

Microscope Study Sheet
Beverly Hernandez

Use this study sheet to introduce students to the basic parts of a microscope and how they function. From the eyepiece and light source to the base, students need to know how the parts fit together and why they're important. 

Microscope Vocabulary

Parts of the Microscope Worksheet
Beverly Hernandez

Let your students test what they've learned about microscope terminology with this vocabulary sheet. Have them use a dictionary to look up any unfamiliar terms or refer back to the study sheet. They can then fill in the blanks with the correct words from the word bank.

Crossword Puzzle

Parts of the Microscope Crossword
Beverly Hernandez

Review the functions of the parts of a microscope with this crossword puzzle. Have students fill in the crossword with the correct terms from the word box based on their functions, which serve as the puzzle clues.

Word Search

Parts of the Microscope Wordsearch
Beverly Hernandez

Review the parts of a microscope using this fun word search. Check to ensure that your students remember the function of each term. If not, have them review the study sheet.

Multiple-Choice Challenge

Parts of the Microscope Worksheet
Beverly Hernandez

Test your students' knowledge of the parts of a microscope with this multiple-choice challenge. Have them use a dictionary, the Internet, or their study sheet to define any terms that they can't correctly identify. 

Word Jumbles

Parts of the Microscope Word Jumbles Worksheet
Beverly Hernandez

The letters of the microscope parts are all mixed up on this worksheet. Students should use the clues to figure out the correct word or words and write them on the blank lines provided.

Alphabet Activity

Parts of the Microscope Worksheet
Beverly Hernandez

Students can review both the parts of a microscope and their alphabetizing, ordering, and critical thinking skills by putting the terms from the word bank in correct alphabetical order in this alphabet activity worksheet.

Label the Microscope

Label the Microscope Worksheet
Beverly Hernandez

Test your students' knowledge of the parts of a microscope by having them fill in the blanks with the correct words. Use the study sheet to check their work and review any mislabeled parts. 

Coloring Page

Microscope Coloring Page
Beverly Hernandez

Use this microscope coloring page just for fun or to occupy younger students while older siblings learn about and use their microscopes. Even young children will enjoy looking at specimens under a microscope, so invite your little ones to make observations, too.

Theme Paper

Microscope Theme Paper
Beverly Hernandez

There are several ways for your students to use this microscope theme paper. They can:

  • Record what they've learned about microscopes
  • Use it for any science report
  • Describe specimens that they observe using their microscope
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