Past Life Memories of Living During the Civil War

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These are a few select reader submissions sharing their past life memories about living during the United States Civil War.

Civil War Nurse

Memory: My job as a nurse was to change bandages and take care of the men. One young man who was poorly schooled but very respectful and kind from North Carolina said that he knew me from another place.

I asked him which place was that and he told Richmond. He told me that he had seen me working there as a nurse. I told him I did work there but not for very long. All of sudden the young man grabbed my arm and said, "His Pa did him wrong." I asked the young man what he was talking about. Again he replied, "His pa did him wrong." I asked him to explain what he meant. He grew angry and replied, "You know I don't need to explain." I really didn't know what the young man was talking about, so I played along like I did, and asked him what he saw.

He told me that for a period of 9 months he was on guard duty in Richmond and while he was there he saw on several occasions a young Confederate officer with me. The Confederate officer was an aid de camp and was at that time engaged to a beautiful wealthy southern belle who was a lot younger than he. However, everyone obviously could tell the young officer was not interested in the young girl that much since he spent a lot of his free time visiting with me at the hospital.

After a while the girl broke off her engagement to the officer. A few weeks later an important general was in Richmond for a visit. While he was there the officer and the general got into a horrible argument.

The young man from NC was on guard duty that night and over heard some of it. He told me the argument was over a girl who the young officer had just met and soon married.

The general was distraught that the young officer would marry so quickly after just meeting someone. The officer agreed with the general to not have any further contact with his new wife and that she would leave Richmond immediately or face jail time. After the young man told me what he knew he looked into my eyes and said, "His pa did him wrong. But you should have stayed any way. He cried for you every night in the front parlor of the office thinking no one could hear him. I've seen men die and scream in pain, but that was the worse." I woke up soon after that. ~Laura

Civil War Soldier

Memory: I saw myself as a soldier in what I feel was the Civil War. I could see myself as one of a group of several men. It must have been toward the end of the war as we were dressed in an odd assortment of parts of uniforms and civilian clothing. The bits of uniform that we did wear were dark blue, so I am assuming that we were part of the Confederate Army. Two of us were laying on our stomachs, looking down from a ridge at a length of the tracks of a railroad. I had the impression that we were supposed to be guarding that strip of railroad from attack or destruction and that we chose the spot that we were at as a good vantage point to watch it.

The person I was next to was my father in this life, but my good friend in that life. I don't know much about tactics or fighting in the Civil War, and I would like to know if this memory makes sense to anyone who does. Would a small unit of only six or seven men be dispatched to do something like "guard" a stretch of railroad? ~Pam

Married to a War Correspondent

Past Life Regression: All my life I've been interested in the Civil War and writing. I've also always had dreams of people I don't know and houses I've never seen. I visited a professional last year who regressed me back into a past life. It was the year 1863. My name was Marian. I was a 40 year old wife and mother of 3 children, Eloise 19, Robert Jr. 17, and Beth Ann 12. My husband, Robert, was a Pennsylvania newspaper writer who was currently serving as correspondent in the Civil War.

I was currently very upset because our son had signed up for duty without permission. I remember wishing that my husband was there to straighten things out. I insisted that it was a hot day. I kept telling Eloise to loosen the baby's clothing. Eloise was already married and had an infant. During the regression I started to cry. I kept saying that my nephew had been killed early on in Virginia, and I was scared for Robby. Finally, right before she brought me back, she found out that I had lived a total of three times before the present. The first time, I was an African man who was killed by being bitten by a poisonous snake. My second life was as Marian, in Pennsylvania. As Marian, I eventually died a natural death. My third life was as a 9 year old child, Sara. I had tuberculosis and was living near Boston in the early 1920's. My mother and step-father, a Kosher butcher, sold everything, and the entire family moved to Arizona for my health. I died at 14. ~Maria

Civil War Nurse for the Confederacy

Memory: In my dream, I was a female in the 1800's. I was wearing a long, black hoop skirt, and I was looking into a mirror, brushing my hair. My face was not the one I have in this lifetime. I remember walking down the steps, watching my hoop skirt hit the railing. When I got outside, there was a party on the lawn, and I saw the ladies who were there, wearing dress of the 186-1870 period. Apparently my husband at that time was also there, and his dress was of the same era. I've also had dreams of being a civil war nurse for the confederacy. I do think it is the same lifetime. ~Leah
Note:I live near the east coast in this life and I've never been farther than southeast Missouri.

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