PATTERSON Name Meaning and Origin

The Patterson surname can be patronymic for son of Patrick, meaning "nobleman" or "of the noble class."
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The common surname Patterson most often originated as a patronymic name meaning "son of Patrick." The given name Patrick derives from the Roman name Patricius, which meant "nobleman" in Latin, denoting a member of the patrician class or Roman hereditary aristocracy.

In County Galway, Ireland, Patterson was a surname often taken by bearers of the Gaelic name Ó Caisín, meaning descendant of Caisín from the Gaelic casán, or "little curly-headed one."

Surname Origin: English, Scottish, Irish


Famous People with the Surname PATTERSON:

  • James Patterson - American best-selling author
  • Carly Patterson - 2004 Olympic All-Around Gymnastics Champion
  • John Patterson - American manufacturer who helped popularize the modern cash register 

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