Patti Wigington

Patti first discovered contemporary Paganism in 1987, and has studied a number of different magical and occult systems, including Wicca. She got her first Tarot deck as a gift in 1988, and has been reading cards ever since. She is an initiated third-degree High Priestess, and is the founder of the Stone Circle tradition, a Neo-Celtic Pagan group.

Patti is an advanced-level Reiki practitioner, and is licensed Pagan clergy in the state of Ohio. She has also been involved in the planning of Pagan events in her local community. Her freelance work has appeared in a number of Pagan publications, including Gaea's Cauldron, Llewellyn's 2007 and 2008 Herbal Almanacs and 2012 Sabbat Almanac, and Pagan Parenting. Patti is the author of several books, including a middle-grade novel about teenage witches, Summer's Ashes (2007 Keene Publishing). In December 2016 she celebrated the release of The Good Witch's Daily Spell Book from Sterling Publishing. 

Patti has a B.A. in History from Ohio University, and has an interest in medieval European and colonial American history.


Patti Wigington has nearly thirty years of experience in studying modern Pagan belief systems. She works as an educator in the Pagan community, and in 2008, formed her own group, Clan of the Stone Circle.

Want to get in touch? Email Patti - she's pretty busy and gets hundreds of emails each week, but she'll try to get back to you. Keep in mind that due to volume, it is not possible for her to answer every question personally.

Patti Wigington

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