Paul Bruno

Paul Bruno is a United States Coast Guard licensed Ship Master with Passenger Certification. He has been involved in the maritime industry for almost two decades.


Throughout his maritime career Paul has worked with a variety of vessels. Commercial ships and work boats mostly, but occasionally something really different, like the Great Lakes schooner reproduction "Dennis Sullivan". As a marine contractor Paul is familiar with all ship systems. Recently a lifelong passion for electronics has sparked an effort to focus on marine hardware and software development. Knot work is a hobby when he is not working, and with nearly 4,000 documented knots, splices, and eyes he will be busy for awhile.


Paul studied creative non-fiction and technical writing at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and University of Waikato, Hamilton NZ
He earned his USCG Master's License in 1993.

Paul Bruno

My passion for ships started when I was just a little boy. Watching the huge ships pass out of the port and disappear in the distance was one of my favorite things to do. Growing up near the Great Lakes gave me plenty of opportunity to see ships, but also taught me about the importance of clean water and invasive species. You might have heard about the Alewive, Zebra Mussel, and now, Silver Carp. I experienced these in person and don't want to meet them again. My efforts to support the maritime industry while preserving natural resources do not conflict, in fact they are complimentary.

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