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Paul Bunyan and his faithful blue ox, Babe
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Paul Bunyan is an American folk hero. His story began in the early 1900s and was reportedly part of an advertising campaign for a logging company.

As the years went by, the tale - and Paul - grew taller. Paul was a larger-than-life lumberjack with a gigantic blue ox named Babe.

The mythical Bunyan, who was said to be such a big baby it took five storks to bring him to his parents, may have his origins in the life of a real lumberjack nicknamed Saginaw Joe.

The tall tales surrounding Paul Bunyan include one stating that his footprints and those of Babe formed Minnesota's 10,000 lakes. Another says he had a frying pan big enough to cover an acre of land.

Bunyan is the namesake for a water park in Baxter, Minnesota. He and his pal, Babe, the blue ox, stand tall—as enormous statues—outside of the Trees of Mystery theme park in the California coastal town of Klamath, California.

Paul Bunyan is infused in the cultural consciousness of the United States. This makes the mythical lumberjack a perfect topic for your students to study with the following printables, which include a word search and crossword puzzle, vocabulary worksheet and even coloring pages.

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Paul Bunyan Word Search

Print the pdf: Paul Bunyan Word Search

In this activity, students will locate 10 words commonly associated with Paul Bunyan. Use the activity to discover what they already know about the folk hero and spark a discussion about the terms with which they're unfamiliar.

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Paul Bunyan Vocabulary

Print the pdf: Paul Bunyan Vocabulary Sheet

In this activity, students match each of the 10 words from the word bank with the appropriate definition. It’s a perfect way for elementary-age students to learn key terms associated with the legend of Paul Bunyan.

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Paul Bunyan Crossword Puzzle

Print the pdf: Paul Bunyan Crossword Puzzle

Invite your students to learn more about Paul Bunyan by matching the clue with the appropriate term in this fun crossword puzzle. Each of the key terms used has been provided in a word bank to make the activity accessible for younger students. 

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Paul Bunyan Challenge

Print the pdf: Paul Bunyan Challenge

This multiple choice challenge will test your student's knowledge of the facts and folklore surrounding Paul Bunyan. Let your child practice his research skills by investigating at your local library or on the internet to discover the answers to the questions about which he's unsure.

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Paul Bunyan Alphabet Activity

Print the pdf: Paul Bunyan Alphabet Activity

Elementary-age students can practice their alphabetizing skills with this activity. They'll place the words associated with Paul Bunyan in alphabetical order.

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Paul Bunyan Draw and Write

Print the pdf: Paul Bunyan Draw and Write

Tap into your child's creativity with this activity that allows her to practice her handwriting, composition, and drawing skills. Your student will draw a Paul Bunyan-related picture then use the lines below to write about her drawing.

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Paul Bunyan Theme Paper

Print the pdf: Paul Bunyan Theme Paper

Students can write a brief them paper about Paul Bunyan on this printable. Give students some ideas by first reading this free online book about the legendary lumberman to them.

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Paul Bunyan Coloring Page

Print the pdf: Paul Bunyan Coloring Page

Kids of all ages will enjoy coloring this Paul Bunyan coloring page. Check out some books about Paul Bunyan from your local library and read them aloud as your children color.

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Babe, the Blue Ox

Print the pdf: Paul Bunyan Coloring Page 2

This simple coloring page is perfect for young learners to practice their fine motor skills and learn about Paul Bunyan's mythical companion, Babe, the blue ox. Use it as a stand-alone activity or to keep your little ones quietly occupied during read-aloud time or as you work with older students.

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Bookmarks and Pencil Toppers

Print the pdf: Paul Bunyan Bookmarks and Pencil Toppers

Have students cut out these patterns, which provide two pencil toppers and two bookmarks to remind them of the legendary woodsman every time they pick up a pencil or read a book. 

Enhance your Paul Bunyan unit by accompanying it with a book such as, "Paul Bunyan" by Steven Kellog. In the book, they'll tackle such questions as: "Do you know who was the largest baby ever born in the state of Maine? What about who dug the Great Lakes? Or who gouged out the Grand Canyon?" as Amazon's book description notes, adding: "It was Paul Bunyan, of course, America's finest, fastest, funniest lumberman and favorite folktale hero!"

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