Paul Leahy

Paul Leahy has been programming since he first got a ZX81 as a child in the early eighties. He has worked as an IT developer using a large variety of programming languages.


With over ten years experience in the IT industry, Paul has worked both as an in-house and vendor based developer. His programming career has spanned the early days of languages with little or no structure, through to the transition to object oriented programming, and the explosion of web applications and services. He does not miss the GOTO statement at all. He currently divides his time in New Zealand between IT contracting and freelance writing.


Paul has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Leeds University, and a Masters degree in Advanced Information Systems from Glasgow University. He also is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer for C#.

Paul Leahy

Programming should be fun, and can be a practical way to unleash creativity. Java is a great language to learn, as it has been built on the fundamentals of object oriented programming without unnecessary complexity. I hope this topic will spark a passion for Java, and enable you to make the kind of applications you're interested in.

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