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Paula Creamer has been a star on the LPGA for a long time now, after arriving for her rookie season at the age of 18 in 2005. And she became a winner in that rookie year. While there have been a few lean seasons, most of her time on tour has been highly successful for Creamer and includes a major championship win.

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Paula Creamer takes part in a fashion show prior to the 2015 HSBC Champions in Singapore
Paula Creamer takes part in a fashion show prior to the 2015 HSBC Champions in Singapore. Andrew Redington/Getty Images

There's always been some "glam" around Creamer, from the moment she arrived on the golf scene. Before she was called the Pink Panther, some of her friends nicknamed her "Princess." The photos in this gallery show Paula off the course: posing for photo shoots, dressed up to attend events, even walking the catwalk in fashion shows. More »

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Paula Creamer Autographed Photos and Collectibles

Paula Creamer poster
Courtesy of Amazon

If you're looking for something collectible related to Creamer, an autographed photo or other similar items might fit the bill. And's Sports Collectibles section includes a selection of Creamer autographed images and sports trading cards. Browse and, if you see something you like, buy.

Paula Creamer 2009 Solheim Cup
David Cannon / Getty Images

This link takes you to a search of Getty Images - one of the major photography wire services - for Paula pics. These photos are browsable, searchable and sortable a number of ways. Getty also allows many of them to be embedded or linked. More »

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More Paula Creamer Photo Searches

In addition to Getty, there are other photo services and other photo search engines where you can find plenty of Creamer pics - not to mention her Instagram account. See also Creamer image search on Associated Press and Creamer search on Google Images.

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Gallery: Creamer Wins the 2010 US Women's Open

Paula Creamer 2010 US Women's Open
Chris Graythen / Getty Images

Check out these photos from the biggest win of Paula Creamer's career, her first major championship victory at the 2010 U.S. Women's Open. And it happened at Oakmont Country Club. You can read the story of how she pulled it off as you click through the images.

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Creamer Photos from the 2009 Solheim Cup

Paula Creamer 2009 Solheim Cup
Chris Graythen / Getty Images

Creamer takes the Solheim Cup seriously. And the 2009 edition of that tournament is the one that was heaviest on face-painting and included Creamer bumping booties in celebration with her teammates.

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Creamer Wins the 2008 Fields Open

Paula Creamer 2008 Fields Open
Andy Lyons / Getty Images

This victory happened in Hawaii in a tournament that is no longer played on the LPGA Tour. It was win No. 5 in Creamer's career.

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Practice Day Fun at the 2007 LPGA Championship

Paula Creamer - 2007 LPGA Championship
Photo by Richard Browne; used with permission

Creamer often looks very serious when she's in competition. She knows how to focus in on the task at hand. But the photos in this gallery are from a practice day prior to the start of the 2007 LPGA Championship.