Pay for School by Winning a Contest for Adult Students

Pay for School by Winning Contests

We'd all love to win the lottery, wouldn't we? It sure would make paying for college a lot easier. You're not likely to win the million-dollar jackpots, but you can win money for school by entering contests for the things you're good at: writing, speaking, business, art, even cooking.

While we don't encourage gambling here, there are some states in the U.S. that offer lottery scholarships. You don't have to play to win, of course. Money from the lottery programs funds scholarships for students of all kinds, including adults. Find out if your state offers a lottery scholarship, and then apply. Scholarships sometimes have very few applicants. Read now: Which States Have Lottery Scholarships?

Be sure to check out all of your options when it comes to financial aid. Scholarships are not the only way to get help with tuition. Read: 10 Facts About Financial Aid for Non-Traditional Students

We've made a list here of 10 contests offered to adult students. It's by no means comprehensive. The list is designed to get you thinking about the possibilities and looking for similar contests in your area of study. Good luck. I mean, break a leg!

Other contest info:

Tablet - Tom Merton - Hoxton - GettyImages-568519143
Tom Merton - Hoxton - GettyImages-568519143
Adobe awards students and faculty a number of $3,000 scholarships in its annual contest in a variety of interactive and traditional media. More »
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Vstock LLC - GettyImages-102491280
Innovation Enterprises at the University of Toledo offered a first-place prize of $10,000 for the best business plan in its 2012 contest. Other significant prizes were given to the top winners. Check for this kind of contest at other universities. More »
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This is a big one. The prize is $3,000 plus a trip to New York and other extras. There are several categories, and the top 10 writers win prizes from the grand prize of $3,000 to $25. Every little bit helps. More »
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Can you give a great speech? Your talent could win you $500 in scholarship money. Goshen College offers the Peace Oratorical Contest. Other universities may have similar contests. Check it out. More »
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Contest Cook offers lists and lists of all kinds of cooking contests. If you're a student who cooks, make a little extra cash for school by submitting your best recipes. More »
Hill Street Studios - Blend Images - Getty Images 464675155
The North Carolina Poetry Society offers several cash prizes, from $25 to $100, for winning poems in its annual contest. Some awards require residency in North Carolina, but others are open to poets from elsewhere. More »
This contest also has a whopping big prize of $10,000. If you're an art student, you'll want to be sure to participate in this contest. More »
You could win $1,000 in this annual spelling bee offered to adult students in the U.S. by Justin Rudd in Long Beach, California. More »
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Canvas Wines Artist Scholarship

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and Canvas Wines offer students three $5,000 scholarships for winning its annual artist series contest. There is one prize for each varietal wine - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay.
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Post University Advice Contest

Post University offered a 2012 contest for adult students with advice to give. It offered a $1,000 prize for the best advice in a Facebook contest called: Advice to Your Former Self. Check for this kind of contest from other schools.
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