PB Blaster vs. All the Other Penetrants - Any Comparison?

Penetrants in General

Matt Wright

There are lots of penetrants (lubricants designed to help loosen corroded or rusty connections) out there, and all make big claims when it comes to getting things apart. Is there any difference between any of them? There are lots out there -- PB Blaster, WD-40, Liquid Wrench, Goeey Booey -- but are they all the same or do any standout?

Why PB Blaster?

Why PB Blaster, you ask? Whatever's in it, PB Blaster can really get the job done.

We've used lots of juices to try to get things loose, and nothing seems to measure up to PB. It works better and faster, and longer than the other stuff we've had around. Soak a rusty connection and let the juice do the work. PB Blaster will eat deep into the rust and corrosion to help free the nut or bolt. To really rock it, combine PB with a blast of heat from a small torch and you're sure to have things freed up quick.