How to Conjugate the French Verb 'Peindre' ('to Paint')

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Peindre is an irregular French -re verb that means to "paint." The conjugation of this verb, which can be used both transitively and intransitively, doesn't adhere to the regular conjugation patterns of French -re verbs, but it does share similarities with a group of other irregular -re verbs ending in -eindre, -aindre, and -oindre.

There are further irregular -re groups centered around prendre, battre, mettre, and rompre that also exhibit some similarities.

And there is a final group of irregular French -re verbs so irregular they share conjugation patterns with no other verbs; they are unique.

'Peindre' Is an Irregular Verb Ending in '-eindre'

French verbs that end in -eindre, -oindre, and -aindre all share conjugation patterns, meaning they are all conjugated in the same way. Learn how to conjugate a verb in one of these groups, and you'll understand how to conjugate other verbs in the group.

Note that the conjugation table below shows simple conjugations of the verb peindre; the compound tenses, which include a conjugated form of the auxiliary verb avoir and the past participle peint, are not included.

Here are a few examples of verbs ending in -eindre, -oindre, and -aindre. 

Verbs Ending in '-eindre'  

All French verbs that end in -eindre are conjugated the same way:

  • astreindre > to compel, to force
  • atteindre > to attain, to reach
  • ceindre > to don, to put on
  • dépeindre > to depict
  • déteindre > to bleach, to leach
  • empreindre > to imprint
  • enfreindre > to infringe, to break
  • épreindre > to juice
  • éteindre > to extinguish, to snuff out
  • étreindre > to embrace, to clutch
  • feindre > to feign
  • geindre > to groan, whine
  • peindre > to paint
  • repeindre > to repaint
  • restreindr > to restrict, to limit
  • reteindre > to dye again
  • teindre > to dye

Verbs Ending in '-oindre' 

All French verbs ending in -oindre are conjugated the same way:

  • adjoindre > to appoint
  • conjoindre > to unite
  • disjoindre > to disconnect, to separate
  • enjoindre > to enjoin or charge someone to do something
  • oindre > to anoint
  • rejoindre > to rejoin, to get back to

Verbs Ending in '-aindre' 

All French verbs that end in -aindre are conjugated the same way:

  • contraindre > to force, to compel
  • craindre > to fear
  • plaindre > to pity, to feel sorry for

'Peindre': Usage and Expressions

  • peindre à la bombe / au pistolet > to spray-paint
  • peindre au pinceau / rouleau > to paint with a brush / roller
  • peindre à l'huile / à l'eau > to paint in oils / in watercolors
  • peindre sur soie / verre > to paint on silk / glass
  • se peindre > to be painted on
  • se représenter en peinture > to paint one's (own) portrait
  • peindre dans un écrit > to portray oneself [in writing]
  • se peindre le visage > to paint one's face
  • la surprise se peignit sur son visage > surprise showed on her face

Simple Conjugations of the Irregular '-er' Verb 'Peindre'

 Present Future Imperfect Present participle
ilpeintpeindrapeignaitPassé composé
nouspeignonspeindronspeignions   Auxiliary verb avoir
vouspeignezpeindrezpeigniez   Past participlepeint
 Subjunctive Conditional Passé simple Imperfect subjunctive
(nous) peignons