How to Conjugate the French Verb 'Peindre' ('to Paint')

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Peindre is an irregular French -re verb that means to "paint." The conjugation of this verb, which can be used both transitively and intransitively, doesn't adhere to the regular conjugation patterns of French -re verbs, but it does share similarities with a group of other irregular -re verbs ending in -eindre, -aindre, and -oindre.

There are further irregular -re groups centered around prendre, battre, mettre, and rompre that also exhibit some similarities. And there is a final group of irregular French -re verbs so irregular they share conjugation patterns with no other verbs; they are unique.

'Peindre' Is an Irregular Verb Ending in '-eindre'

French verbs that end in -eindre, -oindre, and -aindre all share conjugation patterns, meaning they are all conjugated in the same way. Learn how to conjugate a verb in one of these groups, and you'll understand how to conjugate other verbs in the group.

Note that the conjugation table below shows simple conjugations of the verb peindre; the compound tenses, which include a conjugated form of the auxiliary verb avoir and the past participle peint, are not included.

Here are a few examples of verbs ending in -eindre, -oindre, and -aindre. 

Verbs Ending in '-eindre' 

All French verbs that end in -eindre are conjugated the same way:

  • astreindre > to compel, to force
  • atteindre > to attain, to reach
  • ceindre > to don, to put on
  • dépeindre > to depict
  • déteindre > to bleach, to leach
  • empreindre > to imprint
  • enfreindre > to infringe, to break
  • épreindre > to juice
  • éteindre > to extinguish, to snuff out
  • étreindre > to embrace, to clutch
  • feindre > to feign
  • geindre > to groan, whine
  • peindre > to paint
  • repeindre > to repaint
  • restreindr > to restrict, to limit
  • reteindre > to dye again
  • teindre > to dye

Verbs Ending in '-oindre' 

All French verbs ending in -oindre are conjugated the same way:

  • adjoindre > to appoint
  • conjoindre > to unite
  • disjoindre > to disconnect, to separate
  • enjoindre > to enjoin or charge someone to do something
  • oindre > to anoint
  • rejoindre > to rejoin, to get back to

Verbs Ending in '-aindre' 

All French verbs that end in -aindre are conjugated the same way:

  • contraindre > to force, to compel
  • craindre > to fear
  • plaindre > to pity, to feel sorry for

'Peindre': Usage and Expressions

  • peindre à la bombe / au pistolet > to spray-paint
  • peindre au pinceau / rouleau > to paint with a brush / roller
  • peindre à l'huile / à l'eau > to paint in oils / in watercolors
  • peindre sur soie / verre > to paint on silk / glass
  • se peindre > to be painted on
  • se représenter en peinture > to paint one's (own) portrait
  • peindre dans un écrit > to portray oneself [in writing]
  • se peindre le visage > to paint one's face
  • la surprise se peignit sur son visage > surprise showed on her face

Simple Conjugations of the Irregular '-er' Verb 'Peindre'

Present Future Imperfect Present participle
je peins peindrai peignais peignant
tu peins peindras peignais
il peint peindra peignait Passé composé
nous peignons peindrons peignions Auxiliary verb avoir
vous peignez peindrez peigniez Past participle peint
ils peignent peindront peignaient
Subjunctive Conditional Passé simple Imperfect subjunctive
je peigne peindrais peignis peignisse
tu peignes peindrais peignis peignisses
il peigne peindrait peignit peignît
nous peignions peindrions peignîmes peignissions
vous peigniez peindriez peignîtes peignissiez
ils peignent peindraient peignirent peignissent
(tu) peins
(nous) peignons
(vous) peignez
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