Wearing Healing Pendulums as Pendants

A Question About Pendulums

Healing Pendulums
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Any pendulums that have been dedicated into the service of healing are best not worn as decorative jewelry. Of course, this is just my personal opinion. Although I have slipped my healer pendulum around my neck for safe keeping and easy access during a hands-on healing session. This is a rainforest pendulum I use to measure auric flow and evaluate chakra functions.

If your pendulum is made from gemstones, just know that crystal energies can be too overwhelming to comfortably wear next to your body.

Some people are extremely sensitive to crystal vibrations. Crystal energies can feel too draining or, the opposite, too highly charged. But, the wearer may not realize it is actually the stone they are wearing that is causing them to feel out-of-sync.

I own a few crystal pendant style necklaces made with various gemstones that could be used as a pendulum tool because of their shape. A favorite is a pale green fluorite crystal point that I will sometimes wear as a protective amulet to any absorb negative energies near me. Fluorite is extremely helpful to have nearby if you are going to be around someone who tends to spew out negative statements. It absorbs the negative vibrations so that I am better protected from any verbal barbs. Better to avoid being around these types of individuals, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. Also, be kind to your crystals by periodically clearing or cleaning them of picked up energies.

There are some lovely blown glass and metal pendulums fashioned into pendants to be worn around the neck. These are actually small vials which can be used to carry essential oils. These are not meant to be used for divination... but could be I suppose.

I prefer not to use pendulums made from gemstones as tools for divining information when working with clients.

If a crystal pendulum is to be used as a healing tool for divination purposes then it is important to understand that crystals house healing properties. These energies could make possibly cloud the interpretation of the pendulum reading.

Basically, the diviner would need to discern the outcome of the pendulum reading by first separating the nature vibration of the crystal apart from the message that the tool movement is trying to convey. This would be much like separating the yolk from the white of an egg. For this reason, whenever I use a pendulum as a healing tool, I find it easiest to employ a pendulum made from wood attached to a string rather than using a crystal pendulum dangling from a metal chain. Metals also possess energies that can interfere with a pendulum reading outcome. Although wood also carries energetic vibes, it is more subtle than vibrations carried by crystals and metals.

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