Pennies from Somewhere Unknown

Fay is puzzled by a series of incidents in which pennies seem to show up out of nowhere

This took place in October or November of 2015 in Sun City, Arizona. My daughter came to visit. We were inside the garage getting ready to get in the car. I opened the garage door and a penny literally rolled in from the outside.

At the end of December 2015 or in January, 2016, I was putting on three-quarter length pants I hadn't worn since the Fall of 2015.

I found a penny in the pocket. Later when I went to put on jeans (not the same day), there was a penny in the fold of them.

In December, 2015 I was cleaning out a cup in which I keep pencils, pens, etc. and found a penny in the bottom of the cup.

As I was looking for something in my "miscellaneous" (odds and ends) drawer, I found another penny. 

And here's another story, from Bren N.:

I was at the bank today (2/26/16) making a deposit. I swiped my card for the teller... a penny fell on my hand and then bounced off and landed heads up on the counter. (Date of penny was 1988; not sure what that could mean for me.)

Yes, I was at a bank, where there are thousands of coins, but I was standing behind a clean counter and there was no place from which a coin could drop.

I turned around and asked the next guy on line if he saw where that penny came from, but he looked at my as if I was nuts. What is even more odd is that the guy at the teller next to me was talking about a huge life change that I've been contemplating and has been weighing heavily on me.

Coincidence? Perhaps. Or maybe someone out there is trying to tell me something.

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