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People Bingo is consistently our most popular ice breaker game for adults, used by teachers in the classroom, managers in the conference room, and by event planners at seminars. And then they take it home and use it at parties and other gatherings. The game is that flexible, fun, and effective.

It's also incredibly easy and cheap to customize. We'll show you how. Below you'll find printable directions for how to play the game, instructions for making your own bingo cards, and lots of ideas for people characteristics to put on your cards.

Go forth and have a ton of fun!

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How to Play People Bingo

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If you've never played People Bingo, you'll want to start here with our easy instructions.

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How to Make People Bingo Cards

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It's easy to make your own People Bingo cards. They can be as fancy as you want or printed on plain old printer paper. That's what I do. Easy.

If you have a big budget and don't want to bother doing this part yourself, you can buy bingo cards online. There are companies out there that allow you to customize them. Try:

  • Teachnology has a card maker that allows you to shuffle the phrases on each card.
  • allows you to customize with your own words or use their suggestions.
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People Bingo Ideas

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One of the great things about playing People Bingo is that you can customize the people characteristics on the cards based on your specific group of people. Have a wild and crazy group? You'll have a lot of fun. Need to spice up a dull group? You'll want to be a little more conservative, but you can still rock their world. A little.

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