Perfect Gifts for Dance Teachers

The holidays are approaching and you want to give your dance teacher a special gift. Or maybe you'd like to present a gift for his or her upcoming birthday. After all, dance teachers are special people, and special people deserve special gifts. But you're stumped for ideas. What can you give the perfect dance teacher who receives plenty of gifts each year? Following are ten gift ideas sure to bring a smile to any dance teacher's face.

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Gift Card

Gift card
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No matter how many gift cards she receives each year, your dance teacher will always be happy about receiving another. Everyone enjoys receiving gift cards for restaurants or coffee shops, but perhaps you'd like to present her with something a bit more personal or out of the ordinary. How about a gift card for a massage? Or maybe she'd like to visit a local spa. The great thing about gift cards is that your teacher can use them at her leisure, and it gives her a bit of freedom to choose exactly what she wants. Plus, a gift card is a quick and easy gift that everyone enjoys receiving. If possible, find out what her favorite restaurant is and buy the gift card there...she'll be sure to love it.
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Framed Photograph

Picture frame
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A framed photograph of the dancer and teacher makes a great gift. Choose a picture taken after the last dance recital or during a special moment in class. It's probably a good idea to choose a small picture and frame, as your teacher may be limited on space.

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Handwritten Letter

Paper and pen
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Every student is dear to a teacher's heart, so what gift would be better than a personal, handwritten letter. Choose a pretty piece of cardstock or regular notebook and let your words come from the heart. Tell your teacher (in your own words) how much she means to you or what you have learned from her. Younger students may wish to simply draw and color a picture for their special teacher.
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Dance-Related Things

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If there is one thing a dance teacher loves, it's anything dance related. Perhaps she'd like a dance poster to hang up in the studio. Or maybe she'd like a tiny ballet slipper to hang on her key chain. For cute, dance related gifts, check out dance wear sites online.

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Everybody likes food, even your dance teacher. Most grocery store bakeries now offer small, four serving cakes that make wonderful gifts. You may even find a single serving cupcake. If you prefer to go the healthier route, perhaps your teacher would like a basket of fresh fruit or a even a cheese and cracker platter.
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Coffee Cup or Water Bottle

Coffee cup
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A cute coffee cup or water bottle always makes a great gift. Anyone who drinks coffee is dure to welcome a new coffee cup. Does your teacher drink from a water bottle while she is teaching? Water bottles have become quite fancy. Look for one in her favorite color. You might even find one with her initial on it.
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Look for a meaningful book about ballet or dance in general. Book stores usually have an entire section of dance related books. Maybe she'd like a picture book of the history of jazz dance. Or perhaps she'd prefer to read a biography of a famous dancer, like Gelsey Kirkland or Anna Pavlova.

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Delight your teacher with flowers. A beautiful, blooming bouquet of flowers is always appreciated. Do you have flowers in your yard that happen to be blooming? Cut a few stems and create your own arrangement. Tie a pretty ribbon in a bow to hold the stems together.
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A pretty candle makes a lovely gift. Candles come in lots of styles and a wide variety of aromatherapy, food, floral and exotic fragrances. If you give your dance teacher a candle, you can be sure it will be used...almost everyone enjoys a burning candle.
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Everyone can use a calendar. Choose a dance-themed calendar to be used inside the studio. If you are really adventurous, use one of the online photo gift sites to create a personalized calendar. Choose photos from your collection to create a calendar with a different "studio picture" for each month. Your entire dance studio will love it.