Periodic Table Quiz

Test Your Knowledge of Periodic Table Concepts

Periodic Table of the Elements
Periodic Table of the Elements. Ty Milford, Getty Images
1. The rows of the periodic table are called:
2. Who was the scientist credited with devising the first periodic table similar to the one we use today?
3. The primary difference between the modern periodic table and Mendeleev's periodic table is:
4. As you move from left to right across the periodic table:
5. As you move from top to bottom down the periodic table:
6. Which of the following are all properties of nonmetals?
7. Which of the following element groups are considered types of metals?
8. Where would you find the smallest atoms of elements in the periodic table?
9. Electron affinity reflects the ability of an atom to accept an electron. Which is true of the alkaline earths?
10. With respect to electron affinity, which statement applies to the halogens?
Periodic Table Quiz
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The periodic table isn't your thing, but you finished the quiz, so you know more now that you did before. From here, you can learn your way around a periodic table or perhaps you'd like to find out which chemical element suits your personality best.

Periodic Table Quiz
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Congratulations! You know enough about the periodic table of the elements to use it to look up element facts and work basic chemistry problems. However, there's still a lot to learn. Master the table so you can perform cool chemistry experiments and fully understand how they work. 

Periodic Table Quiz
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The elements are your kingdom and rule over them as the king or queen. Okay, Smarty Pants, if you're so knowledgeable let's see if you can recognize the elements based on how they look.