Perl Array reverse() Function - Quick Tutorial

person typing on laptop BY-SA 2.0
 @REVERSED_LIST = reverse(@ARRAY); 
Perl's reverse() function is used to reverse the order of an array. It should be noted that the function returns a reversed array but does not actually reverse the array passed into the function.
 @myNames = ('Jacob', 'Michael', 'Ethan', 'Andrew');
 @reversedNames = reverse(@myNames); 
Think of the @myNames array as a row of numbered boxes, going from left to right, numbered starting with a zero.
The reverse() function would copy the contents of the boxes from the @myNames array into the @reversedNames array, while reversing their order. The value of @reversedNames then becomes ('Andrew', 'Ethan', 'Michael', 'Jacob'), and @myNames remains the same.