'Person of Interest' Synopsis and Other Essential Information

CBS - 'Person of Interest'
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Lost creator J.J. Abrams brings his brilliant mind to CBS with this chilling crime drama about an presumed dead ex-CIA agent who teams up with an eccentric billionaire, who has created a software program that uses pattern recognition to identify people about to be involved in violent crimes. The two work together (outside the law) to prevent crimes before they happen and make a difference in the world.

Series Premiere:

September 22, 2011

When is it on?:

Thursdays at 9pm ET on CBS. Viewers can also watch the latest episodes the day after they air on CBS.com. As always, episodes can be purchased on iTunes.

'Person of Interest' Cast:

  • Michael Emerson as Finch
  • James Caviezel as Reese
  • Kevin Chapman as Fusco
  • Taraji P. Henson as Carter

About J.J. Abrams:

The ability to tell a chilling tale chock full of mystery and intrigue as well as he does am angst-filled relationship drama makes Abrams one of television's most brilliant story tellers. Some of his greatest television work includes: Felicity, , , , and of course .


  • The show is filmed in New York City.
  • Michael Emerson originally played a short-term character on Lost, but he clicked so well with audiences and the storyline, his role turned into a four-year stint.
  • Emerson won the Emmy in 2001 for his guest starring role as William Hinks in The Practice and again in 2009 for his role as Ben Linus in Lost. He was nominated three more times for the same role.
  • Emerson is married to star Carrie Preston.
  • Jim Caviezel played Jesus in after being hand-picked by Mel Gibson for the role.

Character Profiles:

Finch: The eccentric billionaire who created the machine that allows the government to track "relevant" and "irrelevant" activity (major loss of life vs. few causalities).

Not able to stop thinking about the irrelevant findings, Finch created a backdoor into the system that gives him the social security number of the next person of interest -- however, the information given has no way of determining whether the person chosen is the victim or the perpetrator, making their job that much more precarious.

Reese: An ex-CIA agent who is presumed dead. Reese basically checked out of life following the death of the woman he loved. Recognizing Reese just needed a purpose in life to bring him out of his lonely, homeless existence, Finch approached him with an offer he couldn't refuse and now the two work together to try and prevent crimes before they happen. Killing, torture, blackmail -- Reese will stop at nothing to save innocent victims.

Fusco: The dirty cop Reese blackmails to get his foot in the door at the police department. In the pilot, Fusco had been working with other dirty cops and had Reese captive in the back seat of his car, where he was preparing to "take care of him forever." Naturally, Reese escaped and turned the tables on the cop.

Carter: Tough as nails female cop searching for the man in the suit her collars keep referring to when they're being questioned.

In the pilot, Carter was one of the cops questioning Reese when he was brought in after beating up the men who attacked him in the subway (while he was living as a homeless man). Immediately suspicious of how he managed to subdue several men at once, Carter began investigating this mysterious man. It won't be long before she puts two and two together and figures out he is the man in the suit.