5 Personalized Gifts for an Obstacle Racer and Mud Runner

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Custom Medal Holder

Custom Medal Holder
We Plaque LLC

One thing about obstacle racing is people love to be able to show off their bling. While many companies make medal holders a favorite for many obstacle racers are the We Plaque LLC medal holders. We Plaque makes specialized custom holders for obstacle racers include a series to hold the 2014 Spartan Race Trifecta pie pieces. Some medal holders also include a picture frame to be able to show off the photos of the accomplishment as well as the medal to go along with it. 

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Race Bib Coasters

Gone for a Run

Want your bib immortalized forever on the coffee table? If you still have your race bib at the end of the race, collect your favorites and have them made into coasters. Gone for a Race allows you to send in your favorite muddy bib and turn it into your new favorite keepsake. Definitely a conversation starter at your next party as you recount every muddy mile over cocktails. Whether you decide your bib to turn into one large coaster or split into four both retail for under $40.00 making it an affordable option for any race fanatic. 

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Race Bib Dufflebags


A collection of bibs can start to pile up for the obstacle race fanatic after a while. While the coasters from the previous page offer an option for many others want to carry about their achievements from race to race. Mile 22 Bags offers a variety of different duffle bags to not only show off achievements but also have a distinctive bag at bag check at the next mud run or obstacle race. While the price tag can be high, over $200, for a custom bag the memories that go along are priceless. 

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Framed medal and bib

Leona's Framing Gallery
Leona's Framing Gallery

 Some awards in the obstacle racing world are too good not to show off to friends, remember when Spartan Race use to give out swords and helmets! Other races have caught onto the unique finisher offering and nothing is better than showing off at home or in an office the cool things you have achieved. Want to support our own community, elite racer Cody Moat's wife does custom framing and has experience with OCR's special awards, Leona's Framing Gallery.  Pricing for custom framing can vary greatly. 

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T-Shirt Quilts and Blankets

T-shirt blanket
Paul Jones's Blanket made by Margaret Jones

After a while those race shirts just start to pile up in your closet, drawers, and around the house. With only 7 days in a week how many race shirts can one person wear. One option is donating them away to charity, but for those whose shirts have meaning to them a better option is turning those race shirts into a blanket to cuddle up on the couch with or new quilt for the bed. 

If you are a skilled seamstress making one of these quilts might just be the best gift for the racing love one. But for the rest of us many companies like Campus Quilt Co, T-shirt Quilts, Project Repat, and many others take all the work out of making a quilt. You decide the type of quilt you want then box up the shirts and ship them out. A perfect gift for your loved one.