20 Embarrassed Pets Who Should Fire Their Groomers Immediately

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Um... May I Speak To The Manager?

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Time and time again, pets have proven themselves to be loyal companions who don't complain when we let it all hang out around the house. Our dogs and cats don't judge us for sleeping late, not washing our hair, or occasionally wearing the same pair of sweatpants for three days straight. They don't even mind if we dress them up in goofy outfits, just as long as it makes us happy. Animals truly are "the best people." 

And how do we repay them for their unyielding love and devotion? We take them to the grooming salon and let someone butcher their fur with a pair of sheers and a misguided sense of style, that's how. Don't get us wrong; most of the time when your dog or cat goes to the grooming salon they end up looking neat and trim, but sometimes that's not the case. Sometimes, they come out looking like somebody messed up ROYALLY. These poor, embarrassed pets. It's amazing they don't murder us in our beds while we sleep at night.

If I were the owner of one of the pets in these pictures, I'd sleep with one eye open, just in case.

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Don't Look At Me, I'm Hideous!

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Jin Jin the Persian's owner took him to the salon to get his usual lion cut, but things didn't come out as planned. Either his groomer was having an off day, or somebody sneezed at just the wrong moment!

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Big Fluffy Body, Teeny Tiny Head

Via The Blaze.

Why, though? This poor little fellow must be the laughing stock of the dog park.

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Not What They Had In Mind

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Imgur user otmant69 brought in their Corgi with the image on the left and asked the groomer to give her dog a similar "heart butt." A few horrible snips later... this happened.

We'd probably be annoyed with the groomer... right after we stopped laughing!

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These Boots Are Made For Sulking

Via Imgur.

This kitty is not loving his new lion cut. This is the face of a cat who can't wait to get even

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Built-In Overalls

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This isn't even an accident; somebody actually shaved their dog like this on purpose. 

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Dragon Kitty Wishes He Could Breathe Fire

Via Wowamazing.

His owners would be burnt TOAST if he could, lemme tell you what.  

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Did He Do This Himself?

Via Barkpost.

If it weren't for the fact that dogs don't have thumbs, we'd swear the dog himself is responsible for this hack-job bang trim! He looks like he just woke up from a three day bender to find someone had "helped" uncover his eyes. 

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Big Head Dog

Via Bark Press.

He should get together with Tiny Head Dog (above). Together they make one complete pet. 

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Rocking The Punk 'Do

Via cuteness.com.

Something tells us that this isn't even his real hair, but that's somehow more impressive, in a way. Someone went to a great deal of effort to make this happen!

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Gremlin Dog

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 Whatever you do, don't feed him after midnight! Things don't end well if you do.

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Just Roll With It

Via Reddit.

"Why did you do this to me, human? Why?" 

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Poofy Bouffant Dog

Via getitlove.com.

Big hurr, don't curr! You know what they say, "the bigger the hair, the closer to heaven!" 

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Elaborate, But Still Weird

Via Wowamazing.

This isn't even a fail; someone worked hard on this. Because sure, doesn't everyone want to look at their cat's rear end and see... whatever this is? 

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Willie Nelson Called...

Via buzger.com.

He wants his braids back. 

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I See Your Two Braids and Raise You... This

Via We Know Memes.

What? Maybe this cat just got back from a Caribbean holiday. All the other tourists were getting braids, right? Blame it on the tropical drinks.

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It's A Jaunty Bob

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Pretty sure I had this same haircut in 7th grade, AKA the Blunder Years

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They Say Dogs Look Like Their Owners

Via petsmart.com.

But this is ridiculous. 

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Just A Little Chilly

Via coolstuffdirectory.com.

This poor pupper lost his fur coat. Somebody knit him a sweater

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Last But Not Least

Via Imgur u/likeomagawd.

Apparently the square head haircut is a thing in Japan. Can we safely blame Minecraft for this trend? We're going to go ahead and say yes.

Remember everyone, adopt, don't shop, be kind to your animals, and whatever you do, stop giving them embarassing haircuts. (But if you do have a grooming fail, send the pics our way.)