Pet Reincarnation Stories

"Lassie Came Home" Tales from Pet Owners

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The bonds we share with our pets are very strong. Although death separates us in the physical when a pet dies the spiritual connection between us remains forever. Many people believe that our pets can choose to reincarnate and return to us in another vehicle. Readers share stories of their spiritual connections with pets that have passed, and also stories of beloved pets who have returned to them in a different body.

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Reader Stories

Automatic Writing - Spirit Message from My Horse

About five years ago, but not so long ago that I still couldn't shed tears about it, I lost my horse Freya. She was an older horse, in the autumn of life, kind, stoic and well mannered. She was a rescue out of the parking lot where they auction horses for slaughter. Even though she never won any sort of competition and we didn't know her pedigree or history, and probably was 'just a horse' to most any other eye, she was special in mine After Freya died, I was devastated. I blamed myself, even though, when I look back at it, I don't know how else things could have played out. But I still felt depressed for a long time after.

One evening, several months after she died, I was feeling particularly down. I was playing with writing with my non-dominate hand. Doing this can sometimes slow you down and focus.

What surprised me, was the message that appeared on the page as if someone else had taken over my hand. I still have that paper stashed away. "You have to stop crying, because I want to rest now. I'm not coming back yet, because I need to rest. But I can't rest because you are grieving so badly."  I think that stopped me short, and realized how self indulgent I was being.

If I wanted the best for her, I had to allow her to move on, and that meant I had to move on. Not to say I don't still shed tears, but now I wish her soul the peace and tranquility it needs. Grief is the price we pay for loving an animal. And we are not in control of another's path. I think it is wrong to wish an animal to come back to me. Why would I think they would want to? Am I the best owner? Can I provide the best life? And does living with me repeatedly fulfill that soul's quest? I doubt it. ~Katherine Blocksdorf

Dog Soul in Cat Body

After the Bay Goddess Freya died (horse), I went to an animal communication course. There, we exchanged pictures of our departed pets and were told to describe what we knew about the pets. I received the picture of someone's beloved dog and was asked what I perceived about the picture. I was a bit flummoxed and intimated, but soon words began to spill out in my notebook and I found myself describing the dog's favourite food... which was a fish flavoured canned food, and toys like fluffy balls and toy mice and odd places it liked to sleep. All the time I kept the picture of the dog in my mind. I shared the info with the pet's owner, and I felt they were disappointed, because nothing I had described related in anyway to the dog and its likes or dislikes while it was alive.

It wasn't until I was driving home later that night, that I realized that I had described a cat to the detail. I don't know why anyone else in the class didn't pick it up either, other than we were all thinking 'dog. I think it is important to stay open minded. I don't know what happened there, but I suspect that a dog soul decided to stay in a cat for a while. (Or my powers of animal communication are very limited.) ~Katherine Blocksdorf

Earth Dogs

My BooBear, a German Rottweiller 195 lbs.. BEAUTIFUL, LOYAL, SMART. I had him from the day he was born. He lived with me alone for 16 yrs. He was my heart and best friend. He was always by my side. I am a massage therapist so he traveled with me everywhere. He had a great life a/c dog house, when I could not take him, AND heat. He lived inside with me.

He was a loner like myself. In August 2005 I woke one Sunday morning for work and he could not get up. He had back issues. I rushed Boo to the vet. She was so mean to us. All she said is that he had arthritis. I brought him home. He tried, but never got up again.

He died in my arms in my massage/yoga studio in my home. I never left his side for 5 days. He tried to move and he could sit up, but not get up. I am a Reiki Master. I prayed and lit candles. Then he told me, he was dying. This is hard for me to write and it has been 5 yrs Aug. 13th.

My friend that is a Vet  (NOT the one I took him to when all this happened) came to my home and in my arms he sedated him so I could have a few more minutes with my beloved BOOBEAR. My face was in his and I was breathing his breath, I told him that he would always live inside me until the day I die. He opened his eyes and licked my face. He died right there, WITHOUT an injection. The vet was amazed. The love in that room to date is still overwhelming.

One year after he left I was going down a dirt road to my home at 12 midnight on Christmas eve. Keep in MIND, I did not want another pet!! Out of the corner of my eye I saw a BLACK puppy, then another. Someone had dumped a brother and sister no more than 8 weeks old. I drove on by looking in the rear view they both just sat there as if to say I am here waiting on you and your love. As BLACK as he was, except for his rust chest. The pups are totally black. I pullled back and open the door, the female ran. but the male jumped into my truck AND blew my mind! My BOOBEAR would always take his paw and pat my body. WELL. the pup did just that. Do I need say anymore! I ran the female through the woods, cutting my arms and face until I caught her.

To this day they are called the EARTH DOGS, they live in his house outside in his nice big pen. I have never trained these two. But, they are the most loyal dogs. There is NO doubt in my mind or heart he returned to me through them! The things they do.

BooBear would tilt his head a certain way, they both do this when they see me coming. ANOTHER thing, the night I found them I let them stay in the downstairs bathroom shower stall, they were almost straved to death. I woke the next morning TO FIND BOTH OF THEM IN THE NEXT ROOM... My massage/yoga studio. EXACTLY center of where BOOBEAR died. I broke down and knew at that moment WHAT had taken place. I Loved Him so much CAN YOU TELL? These words are true.

After 5 yrs I still grieve over my dog. I had him cremated and he is on my vanity, I wear a heart around my neck with some of his ashes. My will states when I die that we will be mixed together and spread over a farm that he lived in the prime of his life.

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Dragonfly Spirit

Tilly was a truly special companion and my first agility dog. She always gave her best and she always knew what I wanted her to do without speaking. She was very sensitive and smart and absolutely lovely to watch glide around the agility ring or elegantly point birds.

After I lost Tilly to bladder cancer, I was truly devastated and felt guilty and truly alone. About 4 days after having lost her, I was alone at our home, doing laundry in the back of the house, when I felt that I just had to go look out of the front door. There hovering at eye level was a large dragonfly, staring right at me. It stayed for several minutes and then ducked into the trees when a bird flew by. I called her name and she returned. I just knew it was my Tilly. She had returned to let me know that she was okay and her spirit was still alive and watching over me... ~Tilly’s Mom


Sunshine, a Samoyed, came to me as a puppy in 1978 and was with me 12 years. She was not papered though pure bred. She was more slender than most Samoyeds and looked a little bit like a white German shepherd. She was a doggy Marilyn Monroe, glamorous and spoiled, and I loved her very much.

I also had a soul dog, a long haired German shepherd named Ludwig. He was a fully trained protection dog. He was a trainer's stud dog, but he thought he was a little too "soft." He knew we would be good together. Ludwig talked to me, made me laugh, and would have protected me from anything I am sure.

In 2005 my daughter and grandson went to a shelter to find a dog. There they found a terribly dirty animal, who, when cleaned up, they were surprised to see--was Sunshine.

No wait, her name this time around is Cotton. She is Sunshine's spit and image, even to un-Samoyed slenderness/white German shepherd look. I can never remember to call her Cotton. She goes crazy with happiness every time I visit--much more than for most people. Don't know, but it sure seems like it.

Ludwig: Sadly I have had no sign of Ludwig. I would love to think he would come back to me in some form. I think of him almost every day.

I lost another dog in the late '70's. Dudley DoRight was an abused dog that my daughter's teacher abducted after we agreed to take him. The name was from how sweet and eager to please he was, but you could tell he had been abused by a man because he growled from fear whenever he encountered one. He was struck by a car while running after Sunshine when she "escaped" to a park was across a fairly busy (busy enough for sure) street. Sunshine appeared on the porch alone, so I knew something was wrong. I got there just in time for him to die in my arms. He is another one I think of very often, and I always tear up, as I am doing now. ~eldeberry

Animal Spirit Connections

My boyfriend lost his pet -- her name was ChunLee. He loved her very much. She was a Shar-Pei. My dog's name is Guapita. Guapita has been quite suspicious of men. She just doesn't typically approach them the same way she does females. We think it may be because she was mistreated early in her life by a male. Not sure of that, it's just been our theory. She tends to shy away from males. She doesn't let them approach her much.

When my boyfriend first met Guapita, I immediately informed him to just ignore her as she'd probably just ignore him because I said, "she's just not into guys, so don't worry about trying with her." In a interesting twist of events, as soon as he sat down in my car, Guapita came right up to him to sit on his lap. They have had a very special relationship since that first day. He mentioned several times that there was something about Guapita that reminded him of ChunLee. I was really shocked. After some time, I decided to find out why she treated him so differently than other males. I came to Spirit and asked my question. I received such a surprising answer. Basically, ChunLee's spirit guide (my b/f's dog that had passed) was also Guapita's. So, in Spirit world, Guapita and Chun-Lee were connected, and therefore, she knew my boyfriend well and probably knew Chun-Lee, too on an energetic level. Spirit never ceases to amaze.

My point in sharing this story is to confirm for people that just like we humans are connected in Spirit and make our connections here on earth so too do our animal companions. After knowing that Chun-Lee and Guapita knew each other by way of their Spirit Guide, we had a much greater understanding of the undeniably special relationship that my boyfriend and Guapita have. It can be this way for others, too. ~jamminr

Lilly Was Esmeralda Reincarnated

I loved Esmeralda very much. I loved Julinko very much. Both were reincarnated.

A sad reincarnation. Once I had a cat named Esmeralda. She died when she was only 8 years old of kidney failure. Several years later we found a little kitten. We called her Lilly. Three years ago I found out in a meditation that Lilly was in fact Esmeralda reincarnated. Lilly died this year. She was only 8 years of age and she died of kidney failure. Her karma was to come back and tell me something. Now I know what it is.

I do now have a cat who is also reincarnated from my first cat. I've known this since I first saw him. Think twice before you wish your animal back. It has to find its karma first. If you've had a cat who was run over by a car - maybe you shouldn't wish that cat back. Not for a long time anyways. However I find myself blessed, because I speak to the animals. I wish more people could do that. You just have to listen. ~Eva Vá

Stray Dog Acts Like He Knows Us

2.5 years ago I had to put my black Lab Auggie to sleep. He had lived 36 months after a liver cancer operation. He went into kidney failure and we gave him IV fluids daily for 3 months. It cost me over 8K in bills to help him. I am still paying his bills slowly. On July 25, 2009 we put him to sleep. Two years prior to that we lost his brother to a tumor around his heart. He died during surgery. We always had black labs. So our home has been very quiet for 2 years. Recently my husband and I were driving home from my son's school early in October and we talked about if we ever got another dog what would we name him? We could not think of a name for a dog. We both said we were not ready for a new pet right now. On this Oct 11th I was having my morning coffee and heard a noise on my deck. I looked out of the curtains and saw this black thing. I thought it was a bear cub. But it was a black lab. I could not believe my eyes. This dog looked exactly like my dog Auggie and his brother Spike. He acts like he knows me and my house. I fed him and gave him a bath. He had about 100 ticks all over him. He let me take them all off of him. Where did he come from? No one claimed him. I posted notices all over the Internet and called the shelter. We called him Teddy! He is so loving! I never expected an animal to return to me. I have had pets my whole life. They all have brought such joy to our family. We just are so stumped by this its like he fell from the sky! We have no idea where he came from. I look at him and say "Did you come from Heaven? Who are you?" He acts like he always lived with us. ~Annette

Kitty Found His Way Back to Us

Our cat was the world's champion fighter. Always made it home, brought us presents, even had female cats bringing him baby rabbits! PIMP!! He would come home everyday and pig out, meow for lovins, lay on the newspaper on the counter; until he got rubbed. Sleep in our room and "meow" at two A.M. until one of us let him out, and that wasn't always the best time, but I would've did that every night rather than losing him.

His name was Kitty, at five years old he died the day before Christmas Eve 2010. I bought him presents too. He came home, always after a fight; broken jaw and all.

Even after the jaw, he wanted to eat and get loves! We found him in the back yard dead Christmas Eve morning. Won the fight though because he made it home.

St. Patrick's Day night 2012 there was a black cat meowing under the truck like he did. Next morning, still out there and meowed at me. Came right up to me, so I brought him in. Acted like he lived here, knew us, and our dog, ate like him, meowed when you would touch him; just so you would keep rubbing him. Every little detail of Kitty to a T! I look in his eyes and see him. Didn't want another but it's fate:)!!! Weirdest thing you will ever see! Jumped on our heads and meowed just to wake us up, but not to go outside, for loves!! Never thought we would get a second chance with him but I am loving every minute!!

Kitty and our dog Shiners were the best friends, now the black cat and him click in the exact way. Amazing!! He found us. I did not want another cat unless I adopted or left it to chance. He popped up out of no where. ~Shinerizzy

Same Mannerisms, Same Voice

We lost our orange tabby cat, Ricky, at a fairly young age. He suffered from renal failure much younger than is typical. We fought long and hard, but nothing could turn it around. It was devastating to lose him to a disease that's often reserved for the elderly. Rick was a quiet kitty with gorgeous white paws, and had mannerisms that were somewhat unique among our brood. He rarely talked, but when he did, his voice was very different from our other cats. We do some rescue work, and brought in a pregnant mom-to-be. Her litter was born not long afterwards, and included a little gray boy with a touch of white on his muzzle and gorgeous white paws. He was cute, of course, but we didn't connect him to Ricky until he was a bit older and began to mimic some of Rick's actions -- moving the mouse around so he could watch the cursor move on the computer screen, holding his right paw up whenever we approached, walking with the same slow and easygoing gait, and talking in the same voice.

I spoke with an animal communicator (someone I trust) and asked her to connect with Rick. She said he had been reborn and described him and his surroundings. Her descriptions (things she would not know) clinched it. So R.J. is a permanent family member.

Don't assume a beloved animal will return, but remain open to the possibility. The animal that returns could be a pet from long ago, one you might not expect to see.I believe that, unlike most of us, animals remember past lives. Let them know you are aware they have returned and thank them for giving you the opportunity to be with them again. ~Janet

Reunited with the Assistance of a Pet Psychic

He came to me as a 2 year old, physically abused, FIV+, big Seal Point Siamese cat. He was my beloved pet for 12 years and had a great life with me. Finally, his physical issues were more than good care and alternative medicine could overcome, and he passed away at home from cancer. When he was dying we worked with a pet psychic. Through her he asked if he could return and be my cat again, stressing that next time he wanted a healthy body. He gave a time, physical description of his next body, and the neighborhood location he would be found in.

The neighborhood he proposed to return to is home to friends who love animals. I let them know that I was waiting for him to return. Someone dropped him off in their alley. Whomever abandoned him (in this life) took good care of him. He walked up to my friends in their backyard, past their cats who let him come into their yard without any problems, meowing at them, acting very friendly. Still, their cats had no problems with him being in their yard. He did this for three nights before it occurred to my friends to call me. My friends say this is very unusual. Their cats don't allow strangers in their yard without fighting, and while sometimes a new stray shows up they don't usually stick around.

They brought him over that evening. He was super affectionate with me, and walked in and hopped up into a chair as if he had just left the room for a few minutes. I had acquired another cat since my cat had passed. They hissed and growled a bit and I put him in another room overnight. In the morning I went out, with some misgivings I left them both out. When I returned they were play wrestling with each other, grooming each other and napping together. She accepted him in less than 24 hours, and he accepted her as well, which was faster than I had even hoped for.

Since then he has done many of the things my old cat would do, but he is not the abuse survivor that he was, and he is super healthy, so he is a new and improved, very relaxed version of his old self. I feel he acts out his old routines pointedly, like he's saying,"look, it's me!" I walk in the door and he greets me, then falls over and displays his belly for rubbing. At mealtime he starts scooting his dish at me, making a particular impatient sound. If I take a bath, he stands up and knocks everything off the edge of the tub into the bath. My other cat doesn't do these things but my late cat did.

Through the psychic he said I would know him because when we met he would purr loudly and he would rub my nose with my nose. He did do those things, and while the purring isn't unusual, the nose rubbing is. He also described his new body, his hair color and length, and his age. He is a bit older than we expected, but everything else matches. I really believe this is my old cat returned to me in a new body.

Ask your pet to visit you in dreams. They probably will make contact this way anyhow, but see if you can meet them and see what they seem to communicate. I found using a pet psychic to be helpful. I missed my cat and wanted him to return, but wanted to make sure that worked out for his highest good also. The psychic was able to let me know when and how my pet planned to return, as well as assuring me that he was fine once he'd left his body (he was fine, I was a weeping mess). She hadn't met either my cat or me, but was able to give specific information so that I knew it was my cat she was communicating with. ~NicolaB

Lady Di Reincarnates

When I was 6 months old, I got my cat LadyDi. She was a taby cat that had greenish-blackish fur. She was short-haired. My mom called her that because as a kitten, she constantly had diarrhea. She always slept on my bed and we really and truly loved each other. We grew up together and knew each other well. So on January 23, 2009 my cat LadyDi died. She was 19 years old.

For many months I was all alone and wanted LadyDi back. I kept telling my mom that I wanted a cat. My mom said that we already have 4 of them. But they are my grandmother's cats and don't love me. I just kept wishing for a cat who would sleep on my bed and love me.

At the end of October of 2009, I saw a cat at the neighbors house. They already have 4 cats and I asked them if he was their cat. They said no. It was a male cat who was a grayish taby. Dusty is also short-haired. When he saw me, he immediately ran up to me and was all affectionate and lovey dovey. He acted as if he had known me his whole life. He followed me to the store and followed me home.

In early December of 2009, I allowed him to sleep on my bed. He acted as if he had slept there before. He was sleeping right next to me and snuggling with me. So for the rest of December 2009 I let him sleep on my bed.

My brother named him Dusty and that's what we named him. He's way to affectionate to have been a feral cat or a stray cat. He likes eating Fancy Feast cat food-that's what LadyDi loved to eat. He was full grown when I first met him.

We never saw any lost cat flyers on the telephone poles and we never put any found cat flyers on the telephone poles.

I'm guessing that he's the reincarnation of LadyDi. But wouldn't she have come back as a kitten? Why did she come back as a full grown male cat? I don't have the answer to these questions, but Dusty definitely acts as if he had known me his whole life. He was really excited to see me. It was as if old friends were reunited. ~wonder girl100

A Sweet Soul

Hopie was a 90 lb. beautiful black and white lab/pitt mix. She was such a gentle soul. She was let out of the house in extreme heat and attacked by another dog. I tried to save her but by the time I got home she had been out there for too long. My heart breaks every day missing her.

Hopie used to follow me around the yard when I was mowing the grass; even if it was hot. She'd take a break and go back up on the porch for a while, but always felt like she had to stay near me and she'd come back and walk along behind me. After I lost her I couldn't even bear to go out and mow the grass. One day I finally realized I had better get out there and do it because it was looking like a field. As I walked along slowly thinking of her and missing her, a black and white dragonfly started following me and then flying in front of me. It finally landed on the handle of the mower right near my hands and just sat there looking at me. I said out loud, "Hopie is that you?" and the dragonfly just sat there and continued to look straight at me. I have not ever seen a dragonfly with those colors. Black body, white eyes and black and white wings. I knew in my heart that it was my Hopie coming to tell me. She was still there watching over me and tears came to my eyes. I told her I loved her and she flew away up into the sky as free as she could be. I still miss her every day and every time I see a dragonfly I think of her. Know that your pet is there in spirit Keep your heart and mind open to their contact. ~Jackie

I Think My Dog is Now a Cat

Almost a year ago my dog Brandi passed away. She loved to roll around on her back and liked to be rubbed on her belly. She also wouldn't stop barking until somebody would pet her and begged for table scraps.

Black Cat Comes Back

Marie was a small glossy black cat with wide amber eyes. She was with me through years when my life had collapsed. Marie was a comforting presence snuggled against my legs at night. I had her for nearly 10 years. She was intelligent and bold and I loved her as I had never loved an animal before. One sunny afternoon I was slow letting her out and as she left through the front door she looked back over her shoulder and told me off. Minutes later she was hit by a car and she died in my arms.

Ten years after the death of Marie I had never forgotten her. I had other cats but they were not like her. I felt compelled to get another kitten and Tiffany came into my life - a small, black glossy cat. From the start she acted as if she knew the world, confident and fearless. She greeted me like a long lost friend. Then, after I had had her for a few weeks she looked over her shoulder and told me off. The hairs on the back of my neck literally stood up. "Marie" I said "is that you?. She seemed embarrassed to have been "rumbled." I now call her Marie Tiff. She has not changed at all either physically or in spirit and is exactly as she was the first time around. And it is not just me who recognises her. Other people who knew her well have come out in goosebumps on meeting "Tiffany." I believe that Marie's death came as a shock to her and she was not ready to leave me. I believe that if a pet loved you very much it may return to you. If it happens to you, you will recognise your pet in your heart. You will just KNOW. ~Stevie


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