"Peter and the Wolf "

Characters and Instruments

Sergey Prokofiev
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"Peter and the Wolf" was written by Sergey Prokofiev in 1936 and was meant for a children's theater in Moscow. The story and the music was written by Prokofiev; he used instruments from four instrument families (Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussions) to tell the story. In the story, each character is represented by a particular musical instrument. "Peter and the Wolf" has become Prokofiev's most notable work and serves as a great children's introduction to music and the instruments of the orchestra.

Refer to the table below to see a list of characters from the story and the specific instrument that represents each character. Click on each instrument to learn more about it.

Peter and the Wolf

Characters and Instruments
PeterStrings (Violin, Viola, String bass, Cello)
WolfFrench horn