Peter Reckell: "Nobody's Going to Miss Bo More Than Me"

The 'Days of Our Lives' Actor Says Goodbye

Peter Reckell. Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

It’s the end of an era for Days of Our Lives and actor Peter Reckell. After 23 years as Beauregard Aurelius Brady, known simply as Bo to friends, family, and fans, the actor taped his final scenes on Tuesday, July 25. He spent the day before cleaning out his dressing room at the show's Burbank studio complex.

“I’ve been here for two hours, and I just got through the second drawer in my desk,” chuckles Reckell, while in the midst of cleaning up and moving out.

He found a few treasures among the paper clips, pencils, and assorted junk; including a card from deceased co-star Frances Reid (ex-Alice) that read: "Keep on acting, you’re good at it."

Reckell has mixed emotions about leaving Days. On the one hand, it’s an exciting opportunity to move on, explore, and see what other challenges are out there. On the other, saying goodbye to Bo isn’t easy.

“Nobody’s going to miss Bo more than me,” insists Reckell, who’s already begun dealing with the separation anxiety. “Today, I got on Twitter just to tell people that these last few days have been trying. The weekend I kind of took a break, because it was so difficult.”

Before heading to the studio, Reckell had a heart-to-heart with his wife, Kelly Moneymaker. “I said, ‘It’s astounding the support and love that I’ve been getting over these last few days, these last few weeks,” says Reckell, referring to the time leading up to his departure from the soap.

“I have the best fans. To know that these people - yes, they’re going to miss Bo - but that they will be there for me if I’m doing other projects... And I will keep them posted, as I’m going through the next phase of my life, of what’s happening.”

Those devoted fans sent Reckell dozens of goodbye gifts to commemorate and thank him for his portrayal of Bo, a character that catapulted to daytime fame when he joined the soap in 1983.

“There were bottles of wine and cakes and chocolates... All those kinds of celebratory stuff,” he recounts. Among the cakes, there was one decorated with pictures of Bo from 1983 to 2012 and another with photos of Bo and Hope (actress Kristian Alfonso) that read: Holding out “Hope” for our hero to return. We Love You Peter, Team Bope!

“The fans also sent me an eco tour of Orange County,” continues Reckell. “You read it, and it’s quite astounding. The preserves, the oceans, the bird watching, and all that kind of stuff that you really can do in Orange County. Who’d have thunk it? So that’s really cool.”

Cast mate Peggy McCay, who portrays Reckell’s TV mom Caroline, sent him off with a goodbye present, too. “Peggy gave me a lovely little gift; cologne and things,” notes Reckell. “She’s just so sweet. She always gives Loden gifts on the holidays and on her birthday. She’s like a grandmom. She’s so classy. I just love her.”

As for Reckell’s immediate plans after exiting Days, he’s embarking on a few trips with his wife Kelly and their daughter, Loden. “I’m going to go spend a couple of weeks with my folks in Michigan,” he shares. “Then, we’ll spend a couple of weeks with Kelly’s parents in Alaska.

Then, we’re going to go down to Costa Rica for some time. We’re just trying to figure out what we’re going to do with the rest of our lives... what’s next for us.”

Fans of Reckell, no doubt, are hoping that whatever’s “next” includes a new acting project for their favorite leading man so that they won’t be missing him for very long.