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The PGA Tour, based in Florida and with tournaments throughout the United States, plus Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico, is considered the premier men's professional golf tour in the world. Outside North America, it is often referred to as the USPGA Tour, or U.S. PGA Tour, to differentiate it from the European Tour and other tours.

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PGA Tour Schedule

FedEx Cup trophy awarded on the PGA Tour
The 2015-2016 PGA Tour season schedule culminates at the Tour Championship and the awarding of this FedEx Cup trophy. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

When and where is the PGA Tour playing? Here is the schedule of coming tournaments on the world's top professional golf circuit.

PGA Tour Records

Jack Nicklaus - PGA Tour records
Jack Nicklaus holds a few PGA Tour records. Steve Powell / Getty Images

Want to know which golfers have posted the lowest scores in PGA Tour history? Who won the most tournaments? Who needed the fewest putts over 72 holes, 18 holes or nine holes? You'll find those records and many more here.

Golfers of the PGA Tour

Ben Hogan - PGA Tour golfer biographies
Getty Images

This page offers profiles of the most famous male golfers in the game's history. Some of their career pre-date the PGA Tour, and others played mostly on other tours around the world. But most of them were PGA Tour stars. You'll be able read a profile of each that includes a summary of their career, plus find out other personal info and interesting facts.

Major Championships

Major Championships - PGA Tour
David Cannon / Getty Images

The four men's major championships are part of the official PGA Tour schedule, although none of them are run by the PGA Tour. On this page you'll be able to choose the major you're interested in learning more about: The Masters, the U.S. Open, the British Open or the PGA Championship.

PGA Tour Career Wins

PGA Tour
Photo by John Brown

Which golfers have the most wins in PGA Tour history? Who are all the golfers with more than 20 wins? Who are the active leaders in wins? Check the list.

PGA Tour Player of the Year Winners

PGA Tour
Tom Watson during the 1982 British Open, which he won for one of his five Open Championship victories. Bob Martin / Getty Images

Which golfers have been named Player of the Year on the PGA Tour? Here is a list of all the winners of this award.

PGA Tour Qualifying: How to Become a Tour Member

So, you want to become a member of the PGA Tour. But how to do it? Step 1: Become one of the best golfers in the world. After that, there are a handful of ways to earn PGA Tour membership, and none of them are easy. Tour

The PGA Tour owns and operates the Tour (formerly the Nationwide Tour), a developmental tour for golfers trying to play their way onto the PGA Tour. This profile of the Tour provides more details, plus lots of history and trivia. Tour Finals

Beginning in 2013, the Tour Finals replaces PGA Tour Q-School as the primary path to PGA Tour membership. This primer on the Finals explains who gets to play and how those golfers emerge from the Finals to earn PGA Tour cards.

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What Is Monday Qualifying?

Some golfers go through a process known as "Monday qualifying" to earn a place in the field of a professional tournament. Here is an explanation of that term, and this FAQ includes a look at the PGA Tour's own use of Monday qualifiers.

PGA Tour Cut

What is the cut rule on the PGA Tour? Here is the explanation of how many golfers make the cut in tour events.

PGA Tour Slow Play Rules and Penalties

What is the policy on the PGA Tour regarding pace of play? And if a group or player is guilty of excessively slow play, are there any penalties? This FAQ answers those questions.

What are Sponsor Exemptions?

This FAQ goes into the practice on multiple professional tours of awarding "sponsor exemptions." What does that mean? The explanation is here, along with the PGA Tour's own policy.

World Golf Rankings

How do the world golf rankings work? Where can you find the rankings? Who sanctions them? Those questions and others answered here.

More PGA Tour Awards, Honors

Tiger Woods - PGA Tour Awards and Honors
Scott Halleran / Getty Images

This link takes you to our Golf Almanac, where you'll be able to view yearly PGA Tour money leaders, victory leaders and scoring leaders, Players of the Year and Rookies and of the Year, and more, along with similar info for other tours.

Charles Schwab Cup

The Charles Schwab Cup is a season-long points chase on the PGA Tour's senior circuit, the Champions Tour. View the list of winners and details about how the senior tour golfers earn points and what they win.

The Greatest Male Golfers of All-Time

Here is's ranking of the all-time best: the greatest male golfers ever to play the game.

World Golf Championships

Like the major championships, the World Golf Championships are considered part of the official PGA Tour schedule, although they are governed by the International Federation of PGA Tours. The three WGC tournaments on the PGA Tour schedule are the Accenture Match Play Championship, the CA Championship and the Bridgestone Invitational.

PGA Tour Q-School

Find the list of medalists from the PGA Tour Q-School finals, as well as history and more info about the nervewracking qualifying tournament.

FedEx Cup Points and Playoffs

An overview of how the FedEx Cup points and playoffs systems work during the PGA Tour season.