Profile of Philip Kiriakis

Jay Kenneth Johnson as Philip Kiriakis. Paul Drinkwater / Copyright 2008 NBC Universal

Portrayed by:

Jay Kenneth Johnson (January 2007-present, 1999-December of 2002)
Kyle Brandt (2003-2006)
Brandon Tyler (1999)
Shane Nicholas (1998)
Jonathan and Thomas Selstad (1995-1998)


February 21, 1995


Kiriakis Mansion

Past Occupations:

Former ISA Agent

Present Occupations:

Titan Industries
Kiriakis Shipping


Belle Black Brady (married in 2005, divorced in 2006, lovers in 2007)
Chloe Lane (dated 2000-2001, almost made love in 2007 and 2008)


Victor Kiriakis
Kate Roberts


Tyler Kiriakis (son with Mimi Lockhart, via surrogate Lauren)

Other Relatives:

Beauregard "Bo" Brady (paternal half-brother)
Billie Reed (maternal half-sister)
Austin Reed (maternal half-brother)
Lucas Roberts (maternal half-brother)
Cassie Brady (maternal half-sister)
Rex Brady (maternal half-brother)
Chelsea Brady (maternal half-niece)
Shawn-Douglas Brady (paternal half-nephew)
Brady Black (paternal half-nephew)
Isabella Toscano Black (paternal half-sister, deceased)
Justin Kiriakis (paternal cousin)

Character Description

Phillip Kiriakis entered the world in a most unusual way, Salem style. His biological parents underwent in vitro fertilization, only to have Kate's rival, Vivian Alamain, steal Victor and Kate's fertilized embryo and implant it in her womb. Vivian carried Phillip to term, but eventually lost the battle for Victor's heart.

Four years later, Phillip was SORASed (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome) and showed up on the canvas as a spoiled rich teenager with a gambling problem.

He was forced to enlist the help of his stubborn father's help. Victor refused to pay off his debts at first, but eventually complied when his son's life was threatened.

In high school, Phillip hung out with fellow rich buddies Jan Spears and Jason Welles. He was infatuated with friend Belle Black and made a bet with Shawn as to who would ask Chloe Lane, A.K.A. "Ghoul Girl," to the Last Blast Dance.

Phillip lost the bet and thus was forced to ask Chloe to the dance. A skeptical Chloe accepted, and the night of the dance she accompanied Phillip in a long black cape with her glasses on, only to reveal in a sexy red dress how beautiful she was. Phillip was quite impressed with how she really looked. The two dated and eventually fell in love. The two almost ended up making love, but she put a stop to it and accused him of rape. They eventually ended up back together, but grew apart again when pranksters Mimi and Jan humiliated her by making it look as though she was involved in Internet pornography. Phillip was furious and lashed out at Chloe, believing she actually degraded herself to such levels. Chloe grew closer to Brady Black when Phillip took a class trip to Puerto Rico the summer of 2001. Brady and Chloe fell in love. Phillip attempted to win her back, to no avail. The love of his life was diagnosed with leukemia the following year. Both Phillip and Brady remained by her side throughout. Ultimately, Chloe chose Brady and pursued her love of opera singing.

A heartbroken Philip left town in 2002 and enlisted in the Marines. He came back shortly afterwards as the mysterious hunk and in the form of Kyle Brandt on the Love is Blind reality show.

He was working undercover as an ISA agent with Tek Cramer and John Black in an attempt to bring Tony DiMera down. Eventually, he fell in love with good pal Belle Black with whom he had been spending more time with.

Although Belle was still in love with Shawn, Philip and Belle got engaged. Unfortunately, Philip was summoned to active duty in Iraq. The two married just before Philip was shipped out, despite Shawn's drastic attempt to stop the wedding. Philip was held captive, thanks to the workings of Tony DiMera. Belle nearly reconciled with Shawn, but then discovered she was pregnant while her husband was held hostage. Shawn, Brady, Lucas, and Rex organized a rescue mission and succeeded in bringing Philip home. However, Philip tragically lost his lower leg. He and Belle were reunited back in Salem and welcomed daughter Claire into the world.

Claire soon became gravely ill and in need of a liver transplant. She received one when Zack Brady tragically died. Kate, Philip's mother, soon discovered that Philip couldn't possibly be Claire's father, since Claire and Philip had indistinct blood types. She shared this secret with Victor, and the two agreed to keep mum for the sake of their son's happiness. Kate concluded that Shawn must be Claire's father. Incidentally, Shawn and Belle made love while unconcious in a barn, which ultimately produced Claire. The two didn't remember the incident, so everyone naturally assumed that Claire belonged to Philip. Philip and Belle later underwent in vitro fertilization, along with their married pals Shawn and Mimi. Due to the mixup at the lab, courtesy of the "gloved hand," Belle became pregnant with Shawn's child, and Phillip was expecting a baby with Mimi, via surrogate Lauren. Belle miscarried, and the big secret involving Claire's true paternity came out. Philip and Mimi decided to sign away their parental rights to the baby and terminate the surrogate agreement. Lauren agreed to terminate the pregnancy. A heartbroken Philip left town after finding out that his parents both knew about Claire all along and after Belle couldn't reassure him that they would live happily ever after.

Philip re-enlisted with the Marines, but unfortunately he was badly injured and in need of a face transplant. His rich and powerful father Victor hired a doctor and hid Philip in a secret room in the mansion. Victor got on Belle's good side and arranged for secret visits between Philip and Claire. Just as Shawn and Belle were mending fences and working out a suitable arrangement for custody of Claire, Victor arranged for Claire to be kidnapped from a diner in order to make Belle look like an unfit mother.

Victor then hired a woman from Child Protective Services to investigate Shawn and Belle. The two young parents were devastated when they were forced to hand Claire over to CPS. They went to court and were aghast to discover Philip with a new face. Victor paid Willow, the ex-hooker who briefly hooked up with Shawn, to lie on the witness stand. Victor also paid off the judge. Due to these circumstances, Shawn and Belle lost custody of Claire. Philip became a cold and calculating man, ready to do whatever it took to get back the child that he had loved and raised from day one.

Shawn and Belle went on the run with Claire to Toronto, Canada, where Philip eventually tracked them down with Willow's help. Belle managed to sneak Claire out of the safehouse and away from Philip. Shawn and Belle then ended up on a cruise ship, but Philip and Willow caught up with them once again. The two parents jumped ship and ended up on the island of Tinda Lau.

Philip found them once again, and kidnaped Belle and Claire where they ran into a typhoon. Shawn tracked them down, where the three called a truce once they realized their lives hung in the balance. The three mended fences and agreed to go back to Salem and work out an agreement concerning Claire. They were rescued, but Claire went missing in the storm.

Philip went from a vindictive, angry, cold-hearted military brat to a kinder, gentler version of the "old" Philip virtually overnight.

Philip soon hired a private investigator to find Claire. He invited Shawn and Belle to move into the Kiriakis mansion with him so they could work together to find Claire and as a way to make up for his previous misdeeds. Although Shawn was still leery of his uncle, Belle convinced him that it was the right thing to do for the time being.

Philip and Belle went to Chicago after clues led them to believe that Claire's captor had enrolled her in a baby pageant there. Shawn soon arrived and displayed his jealousy when he caught Belle and Philip embracing. The three were reunited with Claire after she had been taken by a woman, who had disguised Claire as a boy. Shawn and Belle were grateful for Philip's help in getting their daughter back.

With Belle's help, Philip set up a job interview for Shawn to take place in Cleveland. Bo found out that Philip set the whole interview up and told Shawn. Meanwhile, Philip began receiving cryptic phone calls of a baby crying in the background. He went to Bo for help, but Bo urged him to hire a private investigator. Philip went to his sister Billie for help, and she traced the phone calls to Indiana.

Further clues indicated that Philip had a son named Tyler Kiriakis in Indianapolis, Indiana, so Billie and Philip went there to check it out. They soon realized that the calls came from Shawn and Mimi's surrogate Lauren and were shocked to discover that she carried the baby to term. It turned out that Bonnie Lockhart had been paying Lauren to carry the baby to term, since she was convinced that she could swindle big bucks from the Kiriakis men with an heir. A DNA test from Tyler's bib proved that Philip was the biological father.

Meanwhile, Kayla and Steve Johnson decided to become foster parents to an abandoned baby they found at the hospital. They gave him the nickname Pocket. Little did they realize that Pocket was actually Philip's son Tyler Kiriakis. Philip was unaware just how close his son was.

Shawn and Belle soon moved out of the Kiriakis mansion, as it was causing a rift in their relationship, and Philip made it his mission to find his son. He was angry with Shawn when he discovered that Shawn knew about Lauren's cryptic calls and met her in Indianapolis on the 4th of July instead of going to Cleveland for his job interview. Philip enlisted Belle's help in going to Tulsa, Oklahoma to a woman's shelter to find Lauren and confront her. They found the surrogate, but came up empty-handed. The two grew closer and realized how good of friends they had become again.

Philip nearly gave up his search for Tyler after numerous dead ends and didn't want to become the same ruthless and vindictive man he was before. He realized that he still had feelings for Belle. Philip and Belle were summoned to the hospital by Shawn, who revealed that Lauren was there. Both men confronted Lauren over where Tyler was, but she accidentally took a tumble down the stairwell and fell to her death. Before she died, Lauren left a clue which indicated that Tyler was in Salem.

Philip soon discovered that Steve and Kayla had taken Tyler in as a foster child, although they were unaware that Tyler, A.K.A. Pocket, was his biolgical child. Steve and Kayla were under investigation when it appeared that "Pocket" was poisoned. Mrs. Meyers, the social worker assigned to Pocket's case, put the baby in foster care with Mr. and Mrs. Wilkens. It was soon revealed that Pocket had a rare genetic condition known as MMA or Methylmalonic Adicemia.

After seeing Tyler/Pocket with his foster parents, Philip made the decision to let him go, knowing that a baby couldn't fill the hole in his heart.

Philip professed his undying love for Belle. Feeling distraught over her father John Black's death, Belle sought comfort in the arms of her ex and they ended up making love in her room above the pub. Belle immediately regretted it and was chastised by Hope for cheating on Shawn. Philip played on Shawn's insecurities about Belle and got into an all out brawl with him at the pub. Philip still managed to steal kisses from Belle, even though she promised to stay away from him. They nearly made love again when Belle went to Philip's Titan office the eve before her wedding.

Soon after EJ DiMera was shot, Kate came to Philip and asked him to hide her gun for her, since she was a suspect in his shooting. As a favor to Belle, Philip arranged for Shawn to find Kate's gun in the alley behind the Brady Pub, since retrieving the evidence would further his career in the police department. In exchange, Philip asked Belle to spend one evening with him. Belle complied and met him at the hotel by the airport and confessed that she was in love with two men.

Philip realized the difficulty he was imposing on her life and decided to let her go. He was stunned when he encountered his old flame, Chloe Lane Black, just outside his hotel room. They shared a drink together and she told him that she was now divorced and her career as an opera singer didn't pan out.

Chloe appeared interested in Philip again, but it was obvious that he only had eyes for Belle. Philip even challenged Hope to tell Shawn the truth about his affair with Belle. He and Chloe nearly made love at his Titan office during Christmas of 2007, but he ended up rejecting her and throwing her out. Afterwards, Philip did some research on Chloe and discovered that she was wanted by the Vienna Police as a person of interest in the case of her missing husband. Additionally, he found that Chloe was never divorced nor legally separated from Brady. He confronted Chloe with the information and she confessed that she and Brady got into a huge argument before he went missing, but swore up and down that she had nothing to do with his disappearance.

She begged him for his help, revealing that she really came to Salem because she needed someone's help who had money, power, and connections. Philip agreed to secure her freedom using his connections if she agreed to get close to Shawn.

Shortly after the new year in 2008, Philip stood by his half-brother Lucas's side after he was arrested for the attempted murder of EJ DiMera.

He urged Lucas to plead temporary insanity and fight for his freedom, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. During this time Belle also confessed to Shawn that she slept with Philip. After Belle and Claire were kidnapped by psychic Crystal Miller, Philip jumped into the cold water and saved Belle. He still professed to love her and kept vigil by her in the hospital.

When Belle was recovered, Philip, Chloe, Shawn, and Belle took the Kiriakis jet to Ireland after a clue indicated that Claire had been taken there. Philip and Shawn decided to call a truce. The foursome met other Salemnites there and were reunited with Claire. It turned out that Colleen Brady had arranged for the kidnapping, believing that Stefano DiMera was after them. Philip and Chloe grew closer during their time in Ireland and commiserated over their lost loves. On the way back, several Salemites lives were endangered when John Black's private jet was sabotaged. Philip comforted a hysterical Chloe the whole time their lives were at stake. Grandpa Shawn heroically died after giving up his oxygen mask for Bo. The plane crashed in Greenland and crushed Philip's prosthetic leg. While awaiting rescue, Philip and Chloe nearly made love in the tent, but decided to refrain from doing so.

After arriving back in Salem, Philip invited Chloe to stay at the mansion. He secretly recorded her German phone conversation, as he was still suspicious whether or not she had anything to do with Brady's disappearance. He discovered that she threatened Brady, But Chloe insisted that the threat was taken out of context.

In March of 2008, Philip mended fences with his half-brother Bo after he nearly died from pancreatic failure. He also shared one final tender moment with Belle after she announced her plans to sail around the world with Shawn and Claire.

Philip has since turned his attention to Kiriakis Shipping, as a money hungry John Black has taken control of the DiMera empire and has bribed a customs official to hold all Kiriakis shipments. He has also taken notice to the custom official's daughter, Morgan Hollingsworth.

Will Philip find love with Chloe, Morgan, or perhaps another woman and smile again? Stay tuned!