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A Comprehensive Photo Organizer for iOS

Photo Manager Pro for iOS
Photo Manager Pro for iOS. © Linkus

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What is Photo Manager Pro?
Photo Manager Pro from Linkus is a universal iOS app for organizing and storing photos on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Version Reviewed: Photo Manager Pro 4.1.0

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Photo Manager Pro Description:


  • Transfer photos and videos to and from your devices or computers via FTP, HTTP (web browser), peer-to-peer between iOS devices on wifi, USB via iTunes, copy and paste, "Open in.." command, and import/export from Photos app.
  • Organize photos into folder albums.
  • Choose folder colors and select 1-4 thumbnails to display as folder cover.
  • Password protect the entire app or individual folders.
  • Copy, move, rename, and delete folders and individual photos.
  • Rate photos with 5 star ratings and mark favorites.
  • Sort photos by name, date, ratings, type, or custom order.
  • Add captions to photos.
  • View photos in a gallery or slideshow. On iPad, you can compare 2-6 photos on one screen.
  • View metadata including file name, photo dimensions, EXIF information, date taken, GPS data, etc.
  • Share via email, Facebook, TwitPic.
  • Take photos directly in the app with your device's camera.
  • Crop and rotate photos within the app.
  • Universal app so you only need to buy it once for use on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.


Photo Manager Pro Pros:


  • Provides a variety of ways to transfer apps to and from the app.
  • Works with photos and videos.
  • Supports a hierarchy of folders (folders and subfolders).


    Photo Manager Pro Cons:


    • Does not support direct access to photos on cloud services like Dropbox, SugarSync, etc.
    • Can't automatically remove pictures from standard Photos app after bringing them into Photo Manager Pro.

    Hands-On with Photo Manager Pro

    While you may think you have everything you need for organizing your photos with the default Photos app in iOS, Photo Manager Pro offers a lot of compelling features to improve photo management beyond what the standard Photos app can do.

    I personally hate scrolling through hundreds or thousands of photos in the camera roll of my device, but I still want to store many hundreds of photos on my device.

    Although you can create albums in the standard Photos app, the photos you put into albums are not taken out of the all photos view, making it difficult to find those photos you have that aren't in albums.


    One of the things I use my iPad for is learning to play the harmonica. This means I have a lot of "song tabs" stored as images on my device for quick reference. But organizing them and find them in the default Photos app was always a hassle. So I started moving them into Photo Manager Pro and deleting them from the Photos app. This is just one example of how Photo Manager Pro can be useful.

    Keep in mind, through, that Photo Manager Pro does duplicate the photos it imports. So if your intention is to remove clutter from the standard Photos app, you will need to delete the photos there after importing them into Photo Manager Pro.

    With Photo Manager Pro you can take all the photos you wish to keep out of the standard Photos app, reducing clutter there, and create your albums in Photo Manager Pro instead. Besides that, you can view image metadata, rate photos, mark favorites, and password-protect albums.

    It also provides several methods for transferring pictures to and from your device, including FTP and HTTP transfer, peer-to-peer (P2P) transfer between other iOS devices, and USB transfer with iTunes file sharing.

    I personally love the FTP transfer method for getting a large group of photos onto my device without all the hassles that come with iTunes syncing and transfer. Anytime I can take iTunes out of the picture when working with my iOS devices, I'm for it!

    For many, the default Photos app in iOS will be sufficient, but if you are looking for something more secure or a better way to organize all the photos you want to keep on your device for the long-term, Photo Manager Pro can help you out.

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