Photosynthesis Quiz

See Whether You Understand the Basics of Photosynthesis

Take this quiz to see if you understand the basic principles of photosynthesis and how it works in plants.
Take this quiz to see if you understand the basic principles of photosynthesis and how it works in plants. Jelena Veskovic / Getty Images
1. Light supplies the energy for photosynthesis. What is the overall chemical reaction?
2. Which of the following organisms can perform photosynthesis?
3. What is the name of the green pigment that captures light for photosynthesis?
4. Which of the following might increase the rate of photosynthesis?
5. What are the main color(s) of light absorbed by chlorophyll?
6. Do 'dark' or light-independent reactions occur in plants during the daytime?
7. Where in plants does most photosynthesis occur?
8. Where in plants do carbon dioxide and oxygen enter/exit?
9. What is the starting source of the carbon in the glucose produced by photosynthesis?
10. Where in the chloroplast do the 'light' or light-dependent reactions occur?
Photosynthesis Quiz
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Good work! You didn't get a perfect score on the quiz, but now you should have a better understanding of the basic principle of photosynthesis, which organisms can perform it, and where it occurs in cells. The photosynthesis study guide can walk you through the details if you need to review the concepts.

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Photosynthesis Quiz
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Great job! You did well on the quiz, so you already have a strong foundation, rooted in the basic science of photosynthesis. From here, you might want to see photosynthesis in action with a simple (and fun) floating leaf disc experiment. If you're ready to try another quiz, see if you understand how chemistry explains how things work in everyday life.