Italian Phrases for Staying at a Hotel in Italy

Learn phrases and vocabulary for accommodation

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When you visit Italy, there are a variety of options for accommodation. If you’re looking for something that’s more standard, a hotel room might be the best fit for you. But if you want a more authentic experience, you could choose to stay in a hostel, rent a room in someone’s home, book an entire apartment for yourself, or stay in something more unique like an .

No matter what you choose, you’re going to need phrases along with important vocabulary.


  • C’è qualcosa di più economico? - Is there anything cheaper?
  • Il prezzo include la colazione? - Does the price include breakfast?
  • Qual è la password per il WiFi? - What is the WiFi password?
  • Ho perso la chiave. - I lost my key.
  • Mi sono chiuso/a fuori dalla camera. - I’m locked out of my room.
  • La luce non funziona. - The light isn’t working.
  • Non c’è acqua calda. - There is no hot water.
  • La camera è troppo (fredda). - The room is too (cold).
  • Mi dà la ricevuta, per favore? - Can you give me a receipt, please?
  • Possiamo lasciare i bagagli fino alle (due)? - Can we leave our bags here until (2PM)?
  • Mi può procurare un taxi per andare all’aeroporto, per favore? - Can you organize a taxi for going to the airport, please?
  • Avete...? - Do you have...?


  • L’Internet - Internet
  • La cucina - Kitchen
  • La lavanderia - Laundry
  • Il telefono - Telephone
  • Gli asciugamani - Towels
  • Il sapone - Soap
  • La carta igienica - Toilet paper
  • Un’altra coperta - Another blanket
  • Le lenzuola pulite - Clean sheets
  • La TV - Television
  • Il telecomando - Remote
  • La piscina - Pool
  • L’aria condizionata - Air conditioning
  • Il servizio in camera - Room service
  • Fare check-in - To check in
  • Fare check-out - To check out
  • Prenotare - To book
  • La camera - Room
  • La camera doppia - Double room
  • Il letto matrimoniale - Double bed
  • Il passaporto - Passport
  • Il piano - Floor
  • Le valigie - Suitcases / baggage
  • Gli ospiti - Guests

Tip: It’s more likely that you’ll hear “i documenti - documents” instead of “il passaporto - passport.”


  • You: Buongiorno, abbiamo prenotato una camera doppia per stanotte. - Hello, we booked a double room for tonight.
  • Clerk: Il suo nome, prego? - Your name, please?
  • You: Giulia Mazzini.
  • Clerk: Per due notti, vero? - For two nights, right?
  • You: Sì. - Yes.
  • Clerk: Il totale è settantacinque euro. - The total is 75 euro.
  • You: Possiamo pagare con la carta di credito? - Can we pay by credit card?
  • Clerk: Sì, certo. Posso vedere i vostri passaporti? - Yes, absolutely. Can I see your passports?
  • You: Sì, ecco. - Yes. Here they are.
  • Clerk: Ecco la chiave, la vostra camera è la numero 215 al secondo piano. - Here is the key, your room number is (215) on the (2nd) floor.
  • You: A che ora (si deve)/dobbiamo lasciare libera la camera? - What time is check-out?
  • Clerk: Alle 11. - At 11 am.
  • You: Grazie! - Thanks!
  • Clerk: Potete usare l’ascensore lì in fondo. - You (all) can use the elevator there at the end (of the hall).

Phrases for an Apartment

If you book privately, the landlord may request that you send a “bonifico - deposit” via wire transfer.

In order to do this, collect the IBAN number (cod IBAN) and the BIC number (cod BIC). The “bonifico” may be anywhere between 30-50% of the price. Finally, tourist season is April - October, so if you plan on visiting during that time, particularly in a more populated area, like Firenze, be sure to book 6-7 months in advance.

  • Come funziona la lavatrice? - How does the washer work?
  • C’è un ferro da stiro? - Is there an iron?
  • Il gas è aperto? - Is the gas on?

Tip: You’ll need to know how to ask about the gas because you won’t be able to cook using the stove unless the gas switch is open or turned on.

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