101 Phrases for Teachers to Encourage a Child

The right arsenal of vocabulary can help teachers motivate students

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Teachers want students to buy into what they are offering, so establishing a meaningful rapport with all pupils is important. Most children, by nature, want to please the adults in their lives, including their teachers. They seek out praise and are overjoyed when they are recognized for their achievements.

Teachers should celebrate their students' successes. Educators are called molders and shapers of young minds, but they should also be master motivators offering continuous encouragement. Great teachers develop an arsenal of vocabulary that allows them to encourage a child creatively and continuously throughout each day.

Encouraging Words

The right phrases from a teacher can make a big difference for students. But those phrases don't have to be lengthy: To grab a child's attention, it often helps to keep it short. Even a word or two followed by an exclamation point can be enough to encourage a student to keep trying or to try even harder next time. Use these simple encouraging words with students and see if produce results in terms of student effort and success:

  1. A+ Work!
  2. Amazing!
  3. Astonishing!
  4. Awesome!
  5. Beautiful!
  6. BINGO!
  7. Boom goes the dynamite!
  8. Bravo!
  9. Breathtaking!
  10. Brilliant!
  11. Bueno!
  12. Clever!
  13. Congratulations!
  14. Cool!
  15. En Fuego! (On Fire!)
  16. Excellent!
  17. Exceptional!
  18. Extraordinary!
  19. Fantastic!
  20. Far out!
  21. Good!
  22. Good for you!
  23. Good thinking!
  24. Grand slam!
  25. Great answer!
  26. Great discovery!
  27. Great job!
  28. Hip, Hip Hurray!
  29. Hole in one!
  30. Hot dog!
  31. How did you do that!?
  32. Hurray!
  33. I believe in you!
  34. I knew you could do it!
  35. I love how you did that!
  36. I love it!
  37. I'm proud of you!
  38. Incredible!
  39. Looking good!
  40. Magnificent!
  41. Marvelous!
  42. Neat!
  43. Neat-O!
  44. Nice job!
  45. Nothing can stop you now!
  46. Now you've got it!
  47. On target!
  48. Outstanding!
  49. Perfect!
  50. Per-Fect-O!
  51. Phenomenal!
  52. Remarkable!
  53. Right on!
  54. Sensational!
  55. Slam dunk!
  56. Spectacular!
  57. Stupendous!
  58. Super!
  59. Super-duper!
  60. Super Star!
  61. Super work!
  62. Superb!
  63. Sweeeeeet!
  64. Take a bow!
  65. Terrific!
  66. Thank you!
  67. That's amazing!
  68. That's correct!
  69. Top notch!
  70. Touchdown!
  71. Tremendous!
  72. Unbelievable!
  73. Very good!
  74. Very impressive!
  75. Way to go!
  76. We have a winner!
  77. Well done!
  78. What a genius!
  79. What an imagination!
  80. Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!
  81. Wonderful!
  82. Wow!
  83. Wow-zers!
  84. Yeeeesss!
  85. You can do it!
  86. You got it!
  87. You figured it out!
  88. You just blew me away!
  89. You just hit a home run!
  90. You just made my day!
  91. You rock!
  92. You're #1!
  93. You're a winner!
  94. You're on fire!
  95. You're one of a kind!
  96. You're out of this world!
  97. You're precious!
  98. You're so creative!
  99. You're so smart!
  100. . You're special!
  101. You're the best!
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