If You Like Piano-driven Male Vocals in Your Christian Music....

Then try these artists on for size

If you like your Christian music to be piano-driven with strong male vocals, then these artists may be just what the doctor ordered.

Jim Brickman

Jim Brickman - Grace
Jim Brickman - Grace. SLG Records

Some say that Jim Brickman "evolutionized the sound of Adult Contemporary music with his pop-style solo piano." Several Top 40 radio hits, one Platinum-selling album, four certified Gold records and a 2003 Grammy nomination back up that claim.

He has collaborated with such greats as Michael W. Smith, Susan Ashton and Collin Raye.


John David Webster

John David Webster - Made to Shine
John David Webster - Made to Shine. Word Entertainment

As an indie artist, John David Webster may have played at places like Billy Graham Crusade events, Promise Keepers and Calvary Chapel events, and Greg Laurie's Harvest Crusade, but that doesn't mean that he always agreed with God about the path of his life.

"I fought with my calling for a long time; sometimes I still do," Webster shared in his official bio, "I wanted to fit in and be like everyone else. I didn't want the responsibility of doing music for God. When I was younger I tried drugs and other things to take my mind off this tug of war, but it wouldn't work. It wouldn't fit. It was one of these things that God wanted to happen so I would finally have the epiphany that He is all I need-and it was like all the lights came on."

Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz
Mark Schultz. Word Records

After college, Mark Schultz moved to Nashville and waited for his music career to start while working as a waiter. After becoming the youth director at First Presbyterian Church, things started to move faster. With the help of his church family, he rented the Ryman Auditorium for a show and label execs loved what they heard.

Six years later he has seven chart-topping hits and a Dove Award to his credit, yet he has no "diva complex." In his official bio, he says, "I always joke that I'm not that great of a singer. I'm not a great songwriter and not a great piano player, but to be able to do all three of those in front of people, they communicate something. They can feel the heart when I'm singing the songs and that's what moves people."

Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith
Michael W. Smith. Provident

Since the 1980s, Michael W. Smith has been a name frequently seen in Christian music circles. He's a singer, songwriter, teen club owner and record label founder. He has performed for presidents and national leaders. Through it all, he is a loving husband and father of five who is active in Billy Graham Crusades as well as The Samaritan's Purse.

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The Swift

The Swift - Singing Back to You
The Swift - Singing Back to You. Rocketown

Formed in North Carolina in 1998, the Swift began as a youth camp/retreat “come and play when you can” worship band fronted by piano-man Britt Edwards. Britt was joined by guitarist Chris Byers, drummer Trae Drose, and bassist/vocalist Mike Simons. And the more they played together, the more they were asked to play, the more they needed original music, the more time they spent on the road.

By early 2002, the Swift had signed with Flicker Records and in the summer of 2006, they signed with Rocketown Records to release their third album.