Resize Multiple Picture Files with Picasa

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Goodbye, Picasa; Unless You Still Use It

When you want to post photos on the Web or email them, it's often good to scale them down to a smaller size so your recipients can load them faster. It used to be that you could resize a whole folder of pictures or multiple pictures at once using the free photo software Picasa. But Google did away with Picasa in 2016, replacing it with Google Photos. The new software does a lot that Picasa couldn't, but some users may be reluctant to part with Picasa anyway.

If you're still using your old software, follow​ this tutorial to use it to resize multiple pictures. 

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Select the Pictures to Resize

Selecting the Pictures to Resize
Use any of these methods to select multiple pictures in Picasa. | View Larger. © S. Chastain

Start by selecting the photos you want to resize. You can control-click on the thumbnails in the Picasa browser if the pictures are in various locations. Otherwise, just click on the name of the folder, then press Ctrl-A to select all if they're all in one folder. 

The photos you've selected will be shown in the photo tray at the bottom of the screen.

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Export the Pictures to a Folder

Export Picture to Folder

Go to the File menu and choose "Export Picture to Folder" when all the photos you want have been selected. The Export to Folder dialog box will appear.

Click Browse and choose an existing folder, then type the name of the new folder in "Name of Exported Folder" – where you want Picasa to put the resized pictures. Don't use the same name as a folder that already exists or your newly-sized photos will become mixed in with other photos. 

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Enter the Size

Enter the size you want for the resized pictures under "Image Size Options." Here are some suggestions: 

  • If your recipients will only be viewing the photos and you want to keep them small, try a size of 800 pixels.
  • If you want your recipients to be able to print the pictures, enter a size of at least 1600 pixels. This will allow them to get a good quality 4-inch by 6-inch print.

It's best to use the Automatic setting under "Image Quality," but if you find the exported pictures aren't small enough for your purposes, you may need to redo the export, choosing the Normal or Minimum setting instead. 

Click OK to proceed with the export. Picasa will show you a status bar in the bottom right corner of the screen, then it will open your computer's file browser to the location where the new folder was created so you can work with the files.

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Movie Options

Setting Export Options

Movie options will be available if you include any movie files in your selection. Choosing "First Frame" will export a still image from the first frame of the movie so recipients won't get a video. The file will be very small. Choosing "Full Movie" won't resize the movie files, and those files will remain very large.

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