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Blossoming Flower Essences

Flower Essence Collage
Flower Essence Collage. Canva Collage

In this photo gallery you can view flower essences in their natural state before they are picked and processed into remedy tinctures. Along with each image a brief description is given to explain what types of issues can be treated by that particular flower.

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Star of Bethehem

Star of Bethlehem
Ornithogalum umbellatum Star of Bethlehem. (c) Phylameana lila Desy

Issues treated by Star of Bethlehem essence include grief, trauma, shock and anxiousness.

Star of Bethlehem essence is a restorative remedy for calming anyone who has experienced shock or trauma. It has a balancing energy that is helpful in taking while undergoing counseling or therapeutic healing periods. Aids the grief process.

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Saint John's Wort

Hypericum perforatum Saint Johns Wort. (c) Steven Esaak

Issues treated by St. John's Wort essence include restlessness, grief, and anxiousness.

Saint John's Wort flower essence brightens the soul's expression by giving it the light it needs to survive. This essence restores energy to anyone who is experiencing weariness or melancholy.

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Standing Cypress

Ipomopsis rubra Standing Cypress. (c) Joe Desy

Issues treated by Standing Cypress include impatience, unhappiness, and intimacy problems.

Standing Cypress flower essence helps connect earth and sky energies. Awakens dormant kundalini energies. Remedy for intimacy difficulties and other issues associated with the root chakra and sacral chakra. Teaches patience and joy.

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Achillea millefolium Yarrow. (c) Shelley Esaak

Issues treated by Yarrow essence include energy depletion, negativity, exhaustion, and vulnerability.

Yarrow flower essence balances, revitalizes, and purifies. It is well known for its absorption qualities that soaks up harmful environmental energies that are emitted from electrical devices such as your computer and television. Strengthens the auric field. Yarrow is an excellent remedy for anyone with empathic tendencies as it serves as an energy shield.

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Asclepias cordifolia Milkweed. (c)Joe Desy

Issues treated by Milkweed include confusion, escapism, and feelings of inadequacy.

Milkweed is useful for treating emotional issues often associated with drug and alcohol addictions. Remedy for aiding inner child explorations. Awakens a clouded consciousness. Promotes spiritual growth at the soul level.

Positive Qualities:

  • promotes mental maturity
  • independence
  • nourishes the soul

Milkweed is not one of the original Bach Flower Remedies

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Ranunculus occidentalis Buttercups. Grant Faint / Getty Images

Issues treated by Buttercup essence include shyness, feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence, and self doubt.

Buttercup essence brightens up dark thoughts and boosts confidence. Buttercup nurtures self-sufficiency and self-worth. Helps the individual recognize his or her talents that need to be brought to light.

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Black-Eyed Susan

Rudbeckia hirta Black-Eyed Susan.

Issues treated by Black-Eyed Susan essence include repressed emotions, trauma, fear, and sadness.

Black-Eyed Susan helps to bring painful memories to light allowing inner healing to begin. Assists individuals in shedding deep burdens that are weighing them down emotionally. Releasing remedy.

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Cosmos bipinnatus Cosmos.

Issues treated by Cosmos essence includes nervousness, overwhelm, and confusion.

Cosmos flower essence is helpful to introverts, helping them to function out in the world. Tames nervous energy. Promotes self esteem. Gives clarity to the chaotic or cluttered mind. Also helps to clear blockages in the throat chakra.

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Clematis vitalba Clematis.

Issues treated by Clematis essence include daydreaming, lack of focus, confusion, and ungroundedness.

Clematis flower essence helps remind the floaty spiritual type individual that he has a physical body. It offers clarity to the scatter-brain. Helps one manifest his dreams and ideas.

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Matricaria chamomilla Chamomile.

Issues treated by Chamomile essence include agitation, restlessness, and hysteria

Chamomile flower essence is a calming agent. Helps to balance any emotional flare ups and also lift up the spirit when the psyche is melancholy. Relaxes tensions. Promotes self love. Treats imbalances associated with the solar plexus chakra.

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Myosotis sylvatica Forget-Me-Not.

Issues treated by Forget-Me-Not essence include loneliness, wounded heart, and karmic relationships.

Forget-Me-Not essence is a grief remedy, helpful to anyone suffering from the death or dying of a loved one. Awakening properties for the soul, offering a deeper understanding of karmic ties. Helps one connect to the heart's desires involving relationships.

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Echinacea purpurea Echinacea.

Issues treated by Echinacea include abusive childhood, loss of identity, and feelings of rejection or abandonment.

Echinacea when used as an herb is well known for its mmune booster qualities for the physical. As an essence its healing properties boost the deficient spirit, offering compassion and healing.

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Cornus nuttallii Dogwood.

Issues treated by Dogwood essence include emotional trauma, inner child, rigidity, and self endangerment.

Dogwood flower essence is a subtle healer, offering gentleness to the rough edges. Soothes anyone who has been long-suffering from painful hurts. Harmonzier.

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Solidago californica Goldenrod.

Issues treated by Goldenrod essence include feelings of inadequacy, low self esteem, and inner child.

Goldenrod flower essence assists a person to develop his own identify apart from others. Helps anyone who is too easily influenced by opinions and beliefs from friends, family members, and others. Supports self love.

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Fuchsia hybrida Fuchsia.

Issues treated by Fuchsia essence include repressed emotions such as anger, grief, and denial.

Fuchsia flower essence helps emotional baggage to surface and free the individual to express his true feelings. Transformational remedy.

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Iris douglasiana Iris.

Issues treated by Iris essence include boredom, inner child, and feelings of inadequacy.

Iris flower essence ignites a spark of enthusiasm into the mundane life. Uplifting remedy. Iris is the essence of choice for the artist who has lost his muse. Restores vitality to the lack luster personality.

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Indian Paintbrush

Castilleja miniata Indian Paintbrush.

Issues treated by Indian Paintbrush essence include manifestation, frustration, exhaustion, and blocked creativity.

Indian Paintbrush flower essence serves as a catalyst to get projects underway. It helps to bring your creative energies to the forefront so that your ideas can come to fruition. Restores vitality to the fatigued individual.

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Morning Glory

Ipomoea purpurea Morning Glory.

Issues treated by Morning Glory essence include inertia, nervousness, and sluggishness.

Morning Glory is a good tonic for anyone who has difficulty adjusting from slumber to being awake. Offers emotional support for anyone experiencing symptoms associated with caffeine withdrawal. Helps awaken a person to their soul purpose.

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Lavandula officinalis Lavender.

Issues treated by Lavender essence include nervousness, excitability, and stress.

Lavender essence is a calming agent. It lowers high-strung energies that frazzle the psyche. Sedative qualities help calm restlessness and anxiousness.

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Chrysothamnus nauseosus Rabbitbrush.

Issues treated by Rabbitbrush essence includes overwhelm, mental clutter, obsession to details, and ungroundedness.

Rabbitbrush helps give clarity to situations, offering a clearer perspective. It truly helps those who cannot see the forest for the trees. Excellent study tool to keep your mind focused on your books.

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Cereus gigantenus Saguaro.

Issues treated by Saguaro include alienation, rebellious nature, and false sense of victimization.

Saguaro helps the individual recognize the "bigger picture" involving life lessons. This is an excellent treatment for anyone who is dealing with difficulties associated with breaking away from adolescence into adulthood. Also, helpful with mid-life crisis issues. Remedy that assists in the evolution of the soul struggling with many karmic challenges.

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Zinnia elegans Zinnia.

Issues treated by Zinnia include sadness, worry, workaholism, and taking life too seriously.

The Zinnia brings joy, playfulness, humor, spontaneity, and lightness to the soul that is too consumed with the serious side of life. Uplifting remedy!

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Wild Rose

Rosa canina Wild Rose.

Issues treated by Wild Rose include confusion, indecision, and fear of commitment.

Wild Rose flower essence offers vitality to the soul that lacks motivation and looks at life as a hopeless venture. Remedy that will help get you on the right track when you are puzzled as to what to do next.

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Sinapis arvensis Mustard.

Issues treated by Mustard include discouragement, melancholy, and feelings of overwhelm.

Mustard flower essence helps to shorten dark and gloomy days, lifting the spirit from the depths of despair. Remedy that triggers the healing response to bring you back from the dark side.

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Impatiens gladulifera Impatiens.

Issues treated by Impatiens include irritability, impatience, quick-to-anger temperment and rush-to-judgment mentality.

Impatiens addresses stresses and tensions. It calms feelings associated with impatience and irritability. Complements anger-management therapies. Remedy that calms and soothes.

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Calluna vulgaris Heather.

Issues treated by Heather include self-centeredness, loneliness, and egocentric behaviors.

Heather flower essence is beneficial to anyone who is consumed with self interests, self indulgence, or overly concerned with his own problems. Remedy that opens up the ability to care for and have compassion for others.

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Trumpet Vine

Campsis tagliabuana.

Issues treated by Trumpet Vine include stage fright, shyness, and speech impediments.

Trumpet Vine essence assists soul expression. It helps give confidence so a person can speak his truth fluently and openly communicate without hesitancy. Remedy that assists the student who is challenged by learning a second language.

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Easter Lily

Lilium longiflorum Easter Lily.

Issues treated by Easter Lily include intimacy problems and gender indentity conflicts.

Easter Lily flower essence helps heal inner conflicts about one's sexuality. Easter Lily cleanses impurities and aligns sacral chakra imbalances in the female body. Integrates sexuality (lower energy centers) and spirituality (higher energy centers).

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Two Dandelions
Taraxacum officinale Dandelions. Adam Lister / Getty Images

Issues treated by Dandelion essence include obsession, exhaustion, and perfectionism.

Dandelion is a good essence for over-achievers or compulsive doers to bring relaxation to their constant on-the-go activities. Remedy that offers a go-with-the-flow attitude.

Healing Purpose:

Dandelion as an herb is a detoxifier. Dandelion, when used as a flower essence remedy, helps release tension, allowing the soul to experience a more balanced flow of energy from the inner emotions to outer body functions. A good essence for over-achievers or compulsive doers to bring relaxation to their constant on-the-go activities.

Positive Qualities:

  • zest / lively activity
  • inner balance
  • eases tension

Dandelion is not one of the original Bach Flower Remedies

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Calla Lily

Zantedeschia aethiopica Calla Lily.

Issues treated by Calla Lily include sexual identity or gender confusion, lack of self-esteem, feelings of shame, and insecurity.

Calla Lily flower essence balances male/female energies. Remedy that assists understanding and self-acceptance.

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Viola adorata Violet.

Issues treated by Violet include shyness, fear of groups, isolation, awkwardness, and lonliness.

Individuals who can benefit from Violet flower essence are the so-called "shrinking violets" who are most comfortable fading into the woodwork. Remedy that helps to warm up the introvert, making her more comfortable and able to socialize with others.

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Antirrhinum majus Snap Dragon.

Issues treated by Snapdragon essence include stress, worry, and nervousness.

Snapdragon essence is a helpful remedy for anyone who tends to hold tension in their jaw. Assists one express himself positively. Tames tendency to throw out critical barbs.

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Trillium chloropetalum Trillium.

Issues treated by Trillium essence include greed, lust, materialism, and selfishness.

Trillium flower essence helps anyone who is consumed with self-interests. It brings out compassion and a desire to help others. Remedy that brings awareness to a person who feels disconnected from his soul source.

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Tropaeolum majus Nasturtium.

Issues treated by Nasturtium include exhaustion, fatigue, and lethargy.

Nasturtium flower essence is good for anytime you feel under the weather or less that par emotionally and spiritually. It works like a battery charge to your spirit.

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Lotus Lotus.

Issues treated by Lotus essence include ungroundedness, perfectionism, and haughtiness.

Lotus flower essence helps to bring balance to "floaty" individuals that get caught up in lofty ideals and tend to forget their earthly bodies. It allows the crown chakra to be open to receiving higher communications with universal truths without disregarding the physical.

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Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Hibiscus.

Issues treated by Hibiscus essence include intimacy difficulties, ungroundedness, and repressed emotions

Hibiscus flower essence can awaken passion in a repressed woman, allowing her feminine consciousness to blossom. Soothes emotional wounds associated with sexual abuse. Yin yang balancer. Hibiscus will help bring out feminine energies in anyone (men and women) whose masculine qualities overshadow their feminine natures.

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Lady's Slipper

Close-Up Of Lady Slipper Flowers In Park
Cypripedium riginae Lady's Slipper. De Tambornino / EyeEm / Getty Images

Issues treated by Lady's Slipper essence include ungroundedness, exhaustion, inner conflicts, and nervous energies.

Lady's Slipper flower essence is helpful for anyone who compartmentalizes their spirituality and humanity, so that these two separated life-components are merged into one balanced and harmonious package.

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Chyrsanthemum morifolium Chrysanthemum.

Issues treated by Chyrsanthemum essence include fear of aging, mid-life crisis, overblown ego, and selfishness.

Chyrsanthemum flower essence helps the individual who is overly concerned with the material world. Helps to integrate the soul-spirt with the physical.

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Bleeding Heart

Dicentra formosa Bleeding Heart.

Issues treated by Bleeding Heart include brokenheart, loneliness, grief, and abandonment

Bleeding Heart flower essence address areas of sadness and emotional pain. Teaches unconditional love. Heart cleanser.

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California Poppy

Eschscholzia californica California Poppy.

Issues treated by California Poppy essence include psychic attack, insecurity, cult brainwashing, and gullibility.

California Poppy flower essence helps a insecure person develop their own inner-knowings, allowing them not to be so inclined to seek outside of themselves for spiritual truths.

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Syringa vulgaris Lilac.

Issues treated by Lilac essence include sadness, misaligned chakras, bonding issues between mother and child.

Lilac flower remedy is a mood elevator, brightening your spirit and awakening your psyche. One of the earliest spring blooming plant the lilac flower is associated with birth and mother/child nurturing. Lilac is an excellent essence for both expectant and new mothers. This flower essence helps to align the chakra and assists kundalini energies flow up the spinal column. Lilac essence complement holistic birthing sessions that focus on birthing new ideas or new path to undertake.

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Shasta Daisy

Chrysanthemum moximum Shasta Daisy.

Issues treated by Shasta Daisy essence includes confusion and over-analytical thinking.

Shasta Daisy flower essence helps a person make sense of puzzling information. One of Shasta Daisy's gift is "integration" to bring several disconnected ideas together to create a single thought or concept. Excellent focusing remedy for manifestation!

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Helianthus annuus Sunflower.

Issues treated by Sunflower essence include low self-esteem, pessimism, and addictive personality.

The Sunflower shares its healing properties with the Sun, offering optimism and light! It is an uplifting remedy that boosts self-value. Sunflower possesses warming and compassionate healing properties.

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Queen Anne's Lace

Daucus Carota Queen Anne's Lace.

Issues treated by Queen Anne's Lace include sensitivity, emotional upsets, and confusion.

Queen Anne's Lace essence is an mind-body harmonizer. It clears away mental clutter and can help open a clogged third eye. This remedy is excellent for tapping into your clairvoyance abilities.

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Bee Balm

Monarda didyma Bee Balm. (c) Joe Desy

Issues treated by Bee Balm essence include anxieties, insecurities, and sadness

Bee Balm flower essence offers joy and sparks excitement. Bee Balm helps the individual move past fears and build confidence.

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