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Pig Destroyer
Pig Destroyer. Relapse Records

Pig Destroyer:

Pig Destroyer are a grindcore band from Northern Virginia regarded as one of the most innovative acts in the genre. Their music melds Scott Hull's relentless guitar playing and vocalist J.R. Hayes' personal and often disturbing prose. Hayes' lyrics are a streamed-down offshoot of transgressive French author Georges Bataille and horror writer Jack Ketchum.

Rise To Prominence:

Though celebrated in the extreme metal scene since the beginning of the decade, the band received even wider acclaim and attention after their 2007 release Phantom Limb.

Hull is also the creative force behind extreme grinders Agoraphobic Nosebleed and recently began producing grindcore compilations for Relapse Records. Despite the band's growing popularity they tour infrequently.

Current Pig Destroyer Band Members:

J.R. Hayes - Vocals (Agoraphobic Nosebleed)
Scott Hull - Guitar (Agoraphobic Nosebleed)
John Jarvis - Bass (Fulgora, Agoraphobic Nosebleed)
Adam Jarvis - Drums (Fulgora, Misery Index)
Blake Harrison - Synthesizer/Samples (Hatebeak)

Former Band Members:

John Evans - Drums (1997-2001)
Brian Harvey - Drums (1998-2011)

Pig Destroyer Discography:

1998 Explosions In Ward 6 (Reservoir Records)
2000 38 Counts Of Battery compilation (Relapse)
2001 Prowler In The Yard (Relapse)
2004 Painter Of Dead Girls (Robotic Empire)
2004 Terrifyer (Relapse)
2007 Phantom Limb (Relapse)
2008 Natasha EP (Relapse)
2012 Book Burner (Relapse)

Recommended Pig Destroyer Album:

Prowler In The Yard
Phantom Limb was a critical darling and perhaps the most polished of Pig Destroyer's releases.

But their first proper full-length for Relapse Records was the aural equivalent of a kick between the legs administered by combat boot. The back story of the album reads like a stalker's diary; Prowler In The Yard is bookended by spoken word segments about a girl named "Jennifer" that could have been narrated by Ted Bundy.

Top notch grindcore and a musical tour into a twisted mind that was fittingly recorded in a basement.