Pippin II

Pippin II of Herstal
Image of Pippin II adapted from a 19th-century chromolithograph. Public Domain

Pippin II was also known as:

Pippin of Herstal (in French, Pépin d’Héristal); also known as Pippin the Younger; also spelled Pepin.

Pippin II was known for:

Being the first "Mayor of the Palace" to take effective control of the kingdom of the Franks, while the Merovingian kings ruled in name only.


Military Leader

Places of Residence and Influence:


Important Dates:

Born: c. 635
Becomes Mayor of the Palace: 689
Died: Dec. 16, 714

About Pippin II :

Pippin's father was Ansegisel, the son of Bishop Arnulf of Metz; his mother was Begga, the daughter of Pippin I, who had also been a mayor of the palace.

After King Dagobert II died in 679, Pippin established himself as mayor in Austrasia, defending the autonomy of the region against Neustria, its king Theuderic III, and Theuderic's mayor Ebroïn. In 680, Ebroïn defeated Pippin at Lucofao; seven years later Pippin won the day at Tertry. Although this victory gave him power over all the Franks, Pippin kept Theuderic on the throne; and when the king died, Pippin replaced him with another king who was, essentially, under his control. When that king died, two more puppet kings followed in succession.

In 689, after several years of military conflict on the northeastern border of the kingdom, Pippin conquered the Frisians and their leader Radbod. To solidify the peace, he married his son, Grimoald, to Radbod's daughter, Theodelind. He secured Frankish authority among the Alemanni, and he encouraged Christian missionaries to evangelize Alemannia and Bavaria.

Pippin was succeeded as mayor of the palace by his illegitimate son, Charles Martel.

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