Pisces New Moon in Houses

The Beginning is Near

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Making it Sacred

The Pisces New Moon is on March 8th, 2016 and it's a doozie, being a Solar Eclipse, a heightened phenomenon in itself.

Both luminaries (Sun and Moon) magnify Pisces, and seasonally, this lunation has an on the verge feeling – it’s not long until the solar dawn, and the Spring Equinox.

This is a New Moon to drink deeply from the well of feeling and mystical inspiration.

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    The spiritually hooked-up part of you is energized at this lunation. Make the most of it by deeply tuning in, to claim what’s so essential now – an inner refuge. Look to the houses for what's up. This year (2016), the zone of enchantment is 19 Pisces.

    Forecast for the Houses


    Pisces New Moon in the First House:

    (House of Aries and Mars) Your Rising sign is likely Pisces, making you acutely sensitive to….well, everything and everybody. Spend time in seclusion, and with sublime tunes or your muse. Your vitality is roused, and you’re primed for self-expression that is “one” with your identity. A time to revel in your essence as charged and defined. Use the boost in confidence to release personality garments that no longer fit. Try on new “outfits” in the cosmic dressing room of your imagination. Celebrate your artistic side, soul storm about your image and catch a preview of coming attractions -- with scenes of You in action.

    Making it Sacred: Walking your talk; more freedom of expression; honor your rhythm and way of initiating.

    Pisces New Moon in the Second House:

    (House of Taurus and Venus) A deep re-set for this house means looking at material security, but in a way that’s uniquely tied to your (spiritual) values. A fresh flow pours into this area of making a living.

    You see a path open, to develop a natural talent more fully. An intuitive flash leads to a possible income stream. Now is the time to dissolve barriers to doing what you love, and are good at. Playing off others, in collaboration, gives your goals shape, as your values are tested. Making it Sacred: Soul-aligned work is vitalizing. Ask for spirit’s guidance to match you with the next right preoccupation. Release possessions to lighten your load. Make space and invite in new spiritual comforts and beautiful things. What are your god/goddess-given gifts?

    Pisces New Moon in the Third House:

    (House of Gemini and Mercury) With Pisces coloring your house of messages, the imagination leads the way, and you’re bright and intuitive. A flush here means tuning in to what’s fascinating to your whole being. It’s time for deeper, more stimulating material that grabs your interest – the rest can be released back into the endless stream. A pull to what’s lively always has an artistic or mystical dimension. It’s a time to simply be in the mysterious currents that bring the right people your way through serendipity. Shake up your routine –- walk down another street to work or visit a different grocery store.

    Making it Sacred: Purge books and magazines; clear bookmarks and online associations that no longer resonate; rest your mind in the vastness of the void; see what you naturally gravitate toward.

    Pisces New Moon in the Fourth House

    (House of Cancer and the Moon) If Pisces shades this house, the path to the biggest mysteries are right there at home. Dreams in the dark now shine light on your roots, the waters out of which you emerged. Miracles happen to do with home life, a property or your “tribe.” A charged theme is sacrifice for family, and this is where cathartic release is possible. This is a lunation for retreat, and for cloistering yourself in atmospheres that are a transcendent shelter from the everyday storm. Go places with resonant music, aromas, and avoid harsh, unfamiliar places or people.

    Making it Sacred: Setting up an altar or prayer/meditation room; plans to move or a re-commitment to bloom where planted; inviting the muse into your living space; getting whimsical with decor.

    Pisces New Moon in the Fifth House

     (House of Leo and the Sun) A Neptunian flooding in the fifth house is your artist within’s dream come true. The muse is near, for getting strong messages about what (and who) you love most. Be alert to themes and paths of seeking that are enriching for your journey. Dreams now are a sneak preview of what’s possible, if you are fully engaged, 100%. Let go of what’s become routine, and “going through the motions,” to invite new inspiration. Your children can mystify you with their joyful connection to the creative river. Or you meet the child in you, and remember that natural enthusiasm. Making it Sacred: art or craft-making as a spiritual path; playful love; more activities that are just-for-fun.

    Pisces New Moon in the Sixth House:

    (House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron) The great purging and cleansing in this house has to do with well-being. If Pisces is strong in the house of health, you are ultra absorbing of what’s happening in your environment. Now is the time for a detox and purification, and a sober look at your daily routine. Are you so stressed day-to-day, that you can’t tune in to subtle signals of your body? What refinements here or there, will bring more ease and peace? Take a look at energies in your sphere – are there people whose vibes make you ill?

    This is an ideal lunation to become aware of the soup you’re in, and how its affecting you. Making it Sacred: daily practices of shaking off the day; long baths, sauna, steam room, etc; insights about the spiritual roots of dis-ease.

    Pisces New Moon in the Seventh House:

    (House of Libra and Venus) Your spiritual lessons come most vividly through those relationships that are central to your life. These are business co-creators, best friends and lovers. A lunation here is a chance to tie up loose ends, make amends, forgive, or let someone go. You’re tuned in to the deeper sense of what’s to happen next. Is it at an organic ending? Or, you might decide it’s time to invite a companion into your life, with the mystical idea of first meeting him or her in your dream life. Get intuitive clarity now, on what’s really going on. Making it Sacred: List your ideal traits for a partner; seek enchantment and profound moments together; move on from the deceptive or unrealistic; come clean with your own blind spots.

    Pisces New Moon in the Eighth House:

    (House of Scorpio and Pluto) The eighth is about wild wisdom, and trusting the intensity that comes with real change. A Pisces lunation here is magical. The inner demands – and potential rewards – are pressing for attention. Dark Moons are for retreat, and here you dive deep. Big intuitive hits come about who and what you’re merged with. Get clear on what is vampiring your energy now. This is great for re-setting psychic space. Making it Sacred: Deep solitude and intimacy; taking a step further into the Mysteries (the “occult”); sacred sexuality; looking at any patterns of sacrifice or dependence with money.

    Piscesas New Moon in the Ninth House:

    (House of Sagittarius and Jupiter) With Pisces prominent here, you are sensitive to beliefs, and how they shape reality. Jupiter, the original ruler of Pisces, rules this house, one of travel, adventuring and the process of continually revising your philosophy with life experience. A fresh Moon here is a cycle to light your way on the seeker’s path. Some inner door opening, in the restful dark, will help you aim your aspirations. Draw near what stimulates your natural joy at being here, and taking this journey. Making it Sacred: A new special journal for insights; plans for pilgrimage; new paths for the eternal student.

    Pisces New Moon in the Tenth House:

     (House of Capricorn and Saturn) If your pinnacle tenth house is a Pisces one, progress in your career comes from following your deeper calling. This lunation activates your ambition, and a desire to share your way of knowing with others. This favors artistic, poetic, sensitively wrought initiatives. In the dark of the Moon, watch for the outline of a substantial possibility to manifest. If you’ve been floundering with work, go into deep retreat and be open to miracles of guidance. You might let go of responsibilities that are outdated, and seek closure. It’s a wrap up Moon, which makes it feel like the “beginning is near” with your life’s work.

    Pisces New Moon in the Eleventh House:

    (House of Aquarius and Uranus) With Pisces as the mood lighting of your 11th house, you’d do anything for your friends. The cleansing currents now make it clear which associations are draining and which are elevating. There can be surprise shake-ups that signal your vibe is changing, and it’s time to move in different circles. Cut ties with groups that are no longer on your wavelength. Making it Sacred: Break out of your usual groove; Find any value in the fringe-y or strangely off-world.

    Pisces New Moon in the Twelfth House:

    (House of Pisces and Neptune) With Pisces shading its natural house, this lunation is coming home to the deepest, most private self. Go ahead and pull the curtains, symbolically and literally. Avoid situations where you have to make small talk, or go through the motions. This calls for the patience of time, and the luxury of going with the flow, in the moment. What’s unlocked now, in your psyche, helps you act boldly with Spring’s surge. Making it Sacred: Cut out noise, be present to your own rich inner landscape; Unplug and tune in to something more; Invite the muse, create, rest, be.

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