Best Places to Study on a College Campus

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Finding a place to study on a college campus can be a challenge. Even if you're lucky enough to use your room for periods of time without having your roommate barge in, you still might need a change of scenery from time to time. Any of these places to study on campus can do the trick!


Look for nooks and crannies in the undergraduate library. See if you can rent a carrel or small study room. Head to a floor you've never been to before. Check out the stacks and find a small table pushed against a wall somewhere. There are undoubtedly little spaces you can find that will help you focus on the task(s) at hand.

Head to the medical, business, or law library for a completely different scene. Nice furniture, quiet study rooms, and nicer digs are much more common here, and you'll be less likely to bump into—and get distracted by—people you know.

Check out the smaller libraries on campus. Many large schools have tiny libraries scattered around. Ask for a directory of libraries and find one that is small, not busy, and perfect for getting some work done.

Coffee Shops

If you work best with some background noise and a distraction now and then, not to mention easy access to food and drinks, the campus coffee shop may be a good bet.

Outdoor Areas

When the weather is nice, reading out on a lawn can be a great way to get some fresh air, clear your mind, and still get some work done. If you're worried about running into people you know, head to a part of campus you and your friends don't usually visit.


Check out empty classrooms. You don't have to be in class to take advantage of a nice classroom: if a room is unoccupied, feel free to claim it as your own and get to work.

Utilize the campus computer labs. You don't have to be using a computer to take advantage of the quiet atmosphere that most labs provide. Grab your work, your laptop, and an empty seat at a table and enjoy the lack of noise and distraction.

Other Areas

Camp out in the dining hall during off hours. When everyone is free for lunch, the dining halls are totally chaotic. But between meals, they can be quiet and peaceful. Grab a snack and enjoy the large table space you wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Head to larger venues that aren't in use. Large theaters or music halls often aren't in use all the time. Head to one of these areas for some quiet time in a place that can help free your mind from distraction. Reading Shakespeare in an empty theater may be just what you need to get into your assignment!

Use a Tutoring or Learning Center

Peek into a writing/resource/tutoring/learning center. Many campuses offer resources for students working on projects. Even if you're not meeting with any of the center's volunteers or staff members, see if you can work there for a few hours.

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