Planets in Cancer

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Sun in Cancer: A basic nature that is extremely sensitive, intuitive and compelled to mother. Thrives in an emotionally sheltering environment. Finds vitality by nurturing children, animals or creative ideas. Moves indirectly toward goals, often getting stuck in eddies of moodiness that hinder progress. Tends to love family life, and the cozy comforts of home. But also has ambition, and goes far in careers that value imagination, compassion and emotional intelligence.

Moon in Cancer: Soulful sensitivity that makes them prone to being totally overwhelmed. Able to pick up on emotional nuances, and sense the mood of people and places. Can experience extreme highs and lows, and often takes life and the actions of others personally. This can make the Cancer Moon very defensive. Needs to feel secure in love and friendship, and is loyal in return. Memories are etched on the heart, and major events form a backdrop to life in the present.

Mercury in Cancer: Has an ability to soak up the emotional essence of a situation and store it for later use. Can be gifted in creating music, art or stories that tug at the heartstrings. Thoughts are driven by the emotions behind them. Gentle in speech, with a sense of what will soothe others. Can be so submerged in emotion-heavy thinking that there's a loss of clarity. Draws on past memories and intuition to shape ideas and communicate them to others.

Venus in Cancer: Drawn to friends and loves that feel protective, intimate and nurturing. Needs a sense of belonging, and has a gift for creating a family feeling among friends. Likes depth in relationships, and that's why there are usually just a handful of close ties. Can have a hard time trusting and opening up, due to sensitive love nature.

Drawn to art and culture that expresses the full range of human emotion.

Mars in Cancer: Is inspired to act when there's an emotional pull toward a goal, person or situation. This Mars stands anchored in an ocean of emotion, and initiates from that place. Approaches things indirectly, and can show caution and insecurity due to sensitivity. Has an intuitive radar for when to forge ahead, based on a sense of subtle nuances.

Jupiter in Cancer: Has a generous, open-hearted nature. Faith comes from having nourishing intimate ties with family and friends. Has a strong intuition to follow dreams, and often a head for business. Finds it natural to be in a nurturing, protective role. When ideas are nurtured that come from a deep well of emotional impressions, it can lead to creativity that heals and is moving to others.

Saturn in Cancer: There can be a fear of opening up about feelings. Those emotional defenses come down when there is trust. It helps to channel emotional intensity into creativity, like acting. A key to mastering emotional intimacy is being disciplined about when and with whom the vulnerable heart is shared. Has a keen intuition about people and situations. When that's used in a structured way, in the face of insecurity, a strong confidence in Self can emerge.

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