How to Play the Nine Points Golf Game

Three golfers on the putting green
The game called Nine Points is for groups of three golfers. Hero Images/Getty Images

Nine Points (or 9 Points) is the name of a golf format for a group of three golfers, in which nine points are at stake on each hole. It's a fun game for golfers playing for bragging rights ... or playing for money.

The Points At Stake In 9 Points

Each hole in a round of Nine Points is worth ... 9 points. But those nine points are divvied up among the three golfers in the group. Here's how the points allotment breaks down on each hole:

  • The golfer with the lowest score of the group gets 5 points;
  • The golfer with the middle score is awarded 3 points;
  • The golfer with the high score gets 1 point.

That's easy enough to understand, but just to be sure let's run through an example. Our group of three golfers is comprised of John, Paul and Ringo (George missed the tee time).

On the first hole, Paul scores a 4, John a 5 and Ringo a 7. So Paul earns 5 points (for the low score on the hole), John earns 3 points (for the middle score) and Ringo gets 1 point (for the highest score).

On the second hole, John scores a 3, Paul a 4 and Ringo a 5. On this hole, John earns 5 points, Paul earns 3 points and Ringo, again, gets 1 point. (Poor Ringo.)

And that makes the total after two holes 8 points for John, 8 points for Paul and 2 points for Ringo. And you keep going like that in Nine Points, adding up the points as you go.

What About Tie Scores in 9 Points?

Of course, on many holes there will be ties for low score or high score.

What then? This is how you divvy up the nine points in case of tie scores on a hole:

  • If one player has the low score and other two players tie, the low scorer earns 5 points and the other two get 2 points each.
  • If two players tie for low score, those two get 4 points each and the high scorer gets 1 point.
  • If all three players tie on a hole, they split the nine points equally - 3 points each.

Nine Points sometimes goes by the name of Nines. The point structure in Nine Points is similar to related games such as Split Sixes or English.

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