How to Get the Most Out of Your Podcast Show Notes

Creating Podcast Notes

Podcasts are consumed while people are on the go or going about their daily lives. If your podcast is particularly compelling, chances are, it will be chocked full of useful information and links a listener may want to follow up on. How many times have you been listening to a podcast while driving or working out and thought, hey I want to check out that web page that was just mentioned? Having podcast notes for each episode on your podcast website will make it easy and convenient for your listeners to get more information and follow-up on your show.

Another purpose of show notes is to let the reader preview your show and decide if they want to listen to it or not. Time is limited for everyone. If there are many episodes of a favorite podcast in the listeners queue, giving your listener a brief preview of what the show will be about can help them decide where to spend their valuable time. Show notes serve three main purposes. They are the content for your podcast website. They help readers follow up on information and allow you to continue the conversation. They give potential listeners a preview of what will be in the episode.

The format for your show notes will depend on the information and content of your show. You want to break the information down into easily viewed and digested chunks. An example template would consist of two to three introductory paragraphs. These could tell listeners what they will be learning, these could introduce a guest and their bio, or these could just give some background information for the upcoming episode.

You want the notes to be scannable. Huge walls of text can easily turn off potential readers and casual browsers. After the introductory paragraphs, create a subtitle and then use bullet points to highlight the main facts or information of the show. If your information is extra meaty, you can use indented bullet points for extra information.

Then have another subtitle and link to any resources mentioned in the show such as books, guest websites, online tools, and apps.

The ending can be customized with a parting message, such as thanking your readers and a call to action. The call to action can be as simple as suggesting your readers subscribe to your podcast using iTunes or leave you a review. Make it easy by having clickable links on whatever call to action you decide to use.

Sample Show Notes

Start with two to three introductory paragraphs, introduce the guest, the shows topic or what will be learned from listening to the show.

Topics Discussed Today:

  • Use bullet points to highlight key topics discussed in that episode

    • Bullets can be indented for subtopics or lists under the topics

Resources Mentioned:

  • Link to websites

  • Books

  • Or other resources mentioned on the show

  • This is one of the most useful aspects of show notes

Ending the show with a parting message and a call to action with clickable links is a good way to get subscribers and reviews.

  • We hope you enjoyed today’s show. If you would like to learn more about our services subscribe to our website here. We would also love it if you left us a review on iTunes, and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast to never miss an episode.

    Depending on your audience, your show notes may lean more towards teasers that may peak interest, but don’t really give away the shows information. These can be good for sparking interest and bringing in potential readers that are previewing your show notes to decide whether they want to listen or not. Some listeners will find the teaser notes too vague and want a meatier version of show notes. They want the information first and foremost without having to listen to the entire show to get the facts and figures that matter. There are arguments to be made for both styles. The choice will probably depend on the intent of your show and the preference of your listeners.

    Other things you can do to really make your show notes stand out is to add images and quotes or tweetables. These also encourage social shares and make the content and formatting really stand out.

    You can also get subscribers using a more formal call to action such as a content upgrade type button. This is where there is a clickable button that leads to a free guide for an email. These have been made popular by Leadpages and can be a powerful tool for continued engagement. These are your show notes, customize them to get the most out of your listener interaction.

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