18 Podcasts About Game of Thrones

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18 Podcasts About Game of Thrones

When I first encountered Game of Thrones, I wasn’t expecting much. I accidently stumbled upon season 1 episode 1 while channel surfing. A few minutes into the show, and I was hooked. I hadn’t heard of George R. R. Martin, and I actually thought I was watching some sort of historical fiction. A few more minutes into the show and I realized I was actually enjoying a fantasy fiction story. I wasn’t alone, and the Game of Thrones phenomena began.

As a huge consumer of podcasts, I get a kick out of listening to podcasts about my favorite shows. With Game of Thrones, there is no shortage of podcasts about the show. Today, I’m going to share 18 Game of Thrones podcasts with you and loosely group them from network sponsored to self-published podcasts. Some of the things I look for in a podcast are entertainment value, the host or hosts, website, show notes, production quality, and number of episodes.

Most of these podcasts are produced by networks that produce other podcasts. I guess that would make sense for a seasonal production. There was only a handful that seemed to be independent podcasts. Also, many of the hosts are either already established podcasters or comedians. Even the Game of Thrones after show called After the Thrones is hosted by veteran podcasters Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan who were behind the Watch the Thrones podcast.

After the Thrones is available on HBO and is also supposed to be a podcast, but I couldn’t find a free feed, so it is not making this list.  

Boars, Gore, and Swords

Boars, Gore and Swords is hosted by stand-up comedians Ivan Hernandez and Red Scott. This is a well-established podcast with at least 201 episodes.

They have recapped and reviewed every Game of Thrones episode since 2011. This podcast is professionally produced, clever and funny. It is brought to us by Boing Boing, so definitely not an Indie podcast. It also has a very well put together dedicated podcast website. They bill themselves as the third greatest Game of Thrones podcast.

GoT Thrones

GoT Thrones is another well produced and entertaining Game of Thrones podcast. The hosts are Alexandra August, who is a writer and stand-up comedian. She is a member of the sketch group Casual Mondays and a writer and actor in their series, “Easier Movies”. The other host is Johnny Kolasinski who is an advocate of art and tech marketing. This is another funny and well-produced podcast with a dedicated website and at least 77 episodes. They have an upcoming live podcast performance coming up at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club.

Cast of Thrones

Cast of Thrones is another entertaining Game of Thrones review and recap show. It is hosted by Nick Bristow, Michael “Thrifty Nerd” DiMauro, Tim Lanning, and Jennifer Cheek. This show is well produced and established with at least 170 episodes. It originally started out as a podcast focused on the HBO series Game of Thrones, but it has expanded to talk about all of George R.R.

Martin’s works. This show is part of the Geekly Network, and they have a Patreon account setup if anyone is interested in helping out with the funding.

Game of Thrones LIVE: Post Show Recap of the HBO Series

Game of Thrones LIVE is part of the  Post Show Recaps website where they recap several different shows including Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, Once Upon A Time, The Strain, Lost, Seinfeld, 24, Saturday Night LIve, and The Leftovers. This show is hosted by Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler. This show discusses the latest happenings in Westeros without giving away any spoilers. Josh also hosts the Game of Thrones Book Club if you actually want spoilers in your discussion of the show.

Game of Thrones The Podcast

Game of Thrones The Podcast is hosted by Jim and A. Ron and it is a part of the Bald Move Network.

This network runs many podcasts and these guys have been doing it for awhile. According to their website, these guys have been working on their network full-time for six years, and in spite of being huge Walking Dead fans, they got their big podcast break with a show about Breaking Bad. This is an entertaining and well-produced podcast and these guys have pretty good taste in TV shows as well.

A Cast of Kings

A Cast of Kings is a quasi-weekly discussion of plots and theme highlights of A Game of Thrones. This show is hosted by Dave Chen and Joanna Robinson and it is a spoiler free review and commentary of the series. This podcast is part of the website Film blogging the reel world and appears to be in a network of other blogs and film related podcast topics. The hosts are upbeat and funny and this one is worth taking a look at. Navigating the podcast episodes on the website is kind of clunky and there doesn’t seem to be a player on the site. Still it seems to be an established site and the podcast itself is entertaining.

A Storm of Spoilers

A Storm of Spoilers this one is an offshoot of the above podcast, A Cast of Kings and is hosted by Joanna Robinson and Dave Gonzales. This one does contain spoilers and discusses the books, shows, internet extras, rumors, guesses, teasers, trailers, conspiracy theories and everything in between. This is for the hard core fans who have read the books. Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair does a great job and it’s nice to have a woman’s voice in the shows.

Dave Gonzales also holds his own. This one is entertaining and fun.

Nerdette Recaps Game of Thrones With Peter Sagal

Nerdette Recaps Game of Thrones With Peter Sagal is a podcast with Nerdette, which features Greta Johnson and Tricia Bobeda, along with Peter Sagal of Wait, Wait...Don’t Tell Me. This show is well produced and sounds like it is being recorded by radio professionals. This show moves along quickly and it is fun to listen to the banter by the three hosts. This show is entertaining and fun and it is worth a listen. They also have no qualms talking about parts of the show that are slow and parts of the show that are predictable. They also explain episodes from the book’s perspective and there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated website for this podcast.

Sistah Speak: Game of Thrones

Sistah Speak: Game of Thrones is a Game of Thrones podcast from the Sistah Speak network. The hosts are Sistah J and Sistah K. They give their opinions and discuss the latest episodes from their unique point of view. The Sistah Speak podcasts are the latest from the Sistahs Entertainment Review Podcasts. These podcasts are where the Sistahs discuss reality and dramatic television shows. They created the podcast and website in 2007, and it has been going strong ever since. Entertaining and fun. Definitely, something to add to your listening repertoire.

Game of Owns

Game of Owns is a Thrones community standard. They have over 300 episodes and have had several special guests including actors, writers, and producers of the hit series.

The hosts are Hannah Panek, Eric J. Scull, Micah Tannenbaum, and Zack. This podcast has a dedicated website that features a comprehensive guide to each Game of Thrones episode, along with the books and all of the podcast episodes. This is another winner and one worth taking a look at.

Game of Thrones w Jay, Jack, & Nick

Game of Thrones w Jay, Jack, & Nick this one is on the Blog Talk Radio Network which is a unified podcasting platform. These guys are veteran podcasters and used to have a subscription based format. Lucky us, we can get their content for free now. During their podcasting season, they produce 5-8 podcasts per week and they also have a Patreon account if anyone who enjoys their content would like to chip in. This podcast is another great Game of Thrones option and it will appeal to many.

Ice and Firecast

Ice and Firecast is created and hosted by super fans Jonathan Perez and Max Bennet. There aren’t very many of these episodes available on their SoundCloud account. They say they are only podcasting while the show is running and then the episodes disappear. They don’t have a dedicated website and finding the shows may be a bit inconsistent, but their content is good and they have a unique perspective. I am a fan of the Indie shows, but I like a dedicated site and easy availability. Still worth a look.

The Citadel

The Citadel is a new one by The Guardian. This is a conversation about how the world of Game of Thrones connects to our world. I really really like this one. So smart and clever. They talk about the show, but with a twist. The hosts are Spencer Ackerman, the National Security Advisor for The Guardian, and Laura Hudson, a popular culture writer. They talk about things like how the violence impacts the characters and how they deal with it. They also discuss the effects of sexual assault in the show. There are interesting topics and aspects of the show discussed by intelligent people. Subscribing to this one is a no-brainer.

The Joffrey of Podcasts

The Joffrey of Podcasts is Joffrey’s favorite podcast. The boy king who will not be missed. This show is hosted by Bubba and Catfish from the Double P Podcast Network. These guys have a few podcasts and they do a fine job. This podcast is another option in The Game of Thrones podcast arsenal and it has a clever name. These guys obviously are fans of the show and they have a smart, witty banter.

Game of Microphones

Game of Microphones is hosted by Mr. Blahg and a weekly co-host. There are about 21 episodes. This one has a dedicated tumblr website and it is filled with fun Game of Thrones chat and observations.

Ice, Fire, Dragons & Wolves

Ice, Fire, Dragons & Wolves is an unofficial Game of Thrones podcast hosted by Zack Hare and Lillith Hellfire. The website for the show is on the South Gate Media Network. This one has a clever name and is a weekly show where they discuss news, analysis, recaps and other stuff that happened during the show.

BLAH The Boiled Leather Audio Hour

BLAH The Boiled Leather Audio Hour is another cleverly named show. This one is hosted by Sean T. Collins and Stefan Sasse. They describe this one as an in-depth thematic discussion of the epic fantasy series. The show has a tumblr website and will probably be a hit with hard core GOT fans.

Take the Black

Take the Black is the podcast for the website Winter is Coming. The site was created in November of 2008, and has been following the production of the show very closely ever since. This show has several hosts including Isis, Cory and Ani. They put a unique spin on the show and have a dedicated website category with pictures, video and show notes. This one is another good option.