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Anne MacNaughton’s poem “early on january one” was the original seed for our collection of Poems for Peace, gathered as the world moved towards war in Iraq at the beginning of 2003. It was and is our conviction that in the face of what feels inevitable, as the storm clouds of conflict build and even after the bombs have fallen, we must do what we can here: gather the voices of poets in a great chorus for peace.

We hope this anthology can be a small light in the darkness, an online vigil made of poems.

Classic Peace Poems

  • George Herbert,
    “Peace” (from The Temple, 1633)
  • Henry Vaughan,
    “Peace” (from Silex Scintillans, 1650)
  • Emily Dickinson,
    “I many times thought Peace had come” (#739)
  • Matthew Arnold,
    “Lines Written in Kensington Gardens” (1852)
  • Walt Whitman,
    “The Return of the Heroes” (from Leaves of Grass, 1891-92 edition)
  • Charlotte Perkins Gilman,
    To the Indifferent Women” (from Suffrage Songs and Verses, 1911)
  • Gerard Manley Hopkins,
    “Peace” (1918)
  • Alfred Noyes,
    “On the Western Front” (1918)

Our Contemporary Collection of Poems for Peace


  • Thane H. Allison, Jr., “On the First Anniversary of the 91101 Attack”
  • Lynette Arden, “The Game”
  • Ken Blackburn, “Big Monkey Says Ha!”
  • Richard Burley, “Peace Prayer”
  • James Cervantes, “I Dream of War”
  • CAConrad, “Dear Mr President”
  • Danika Dinsmore, “On the Night of Tender Validation”
  • Dale Edmands, “Seasons Amid War”
  • Brian Erler, “Anthem”
  • Elizabeth Farrell, “Dissolved”
  • Bob Jude Ferrante, “She Said”
  • John Guzlowski, “What the War Taught Her”
  • Philip Havey, “That Day”
  • Mike Hession, “The UN Compiled a Dossier”
  • Michael Hillmer, “The Language of War”
  • Hugh Hodge, “Holy War
  • Bruce Isaacson, “The Young Warriors”
  • Larry Jaffe, “Transformation Peace”
  • Karen Karpowich, “A Poem Against War”
  • Penn Kemp, “A Poem for Peace in Two Voices”
  • Linda Lerner, “No Flowers For Terrorists, A Cry For Peace” and “An Off the Wall Protest”
  • Anne MacNaughton, “early on january one”
  • K. Paul Mallasch, “I, Rack”
  • Diana Manister, “Rooster Chronicle”
  • Chris Mansell, “Any Map”
  • William Marr, “Bridge”
  • Rochelle Mass, “Hands on a Gun”
  • Stazja McFadyen, “I, The People”
  • Stephen Mead, “Phoenix Grief”
  • Wynne Mercado, “Monody for Peace”
  • Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore, “War”
  • Rose Moss, “Time For War”
  • Prabhath P, “The Cobra”
  • Shann Palmer, “Perspective”
  • Judy Puckett, “Where Does Peace Start?”
  • Cappy Hall Rearick, “We Interrupt This War”
  • Reginald Shepherd, “Self Portrait in the New World Order
  • Margery Snyder, “Contemplating War”
  • Daniel Stafford, “In Pursuit”
  • Duane Tucker, “March Evening: Before the War” and “That Word”
  • Laki Vazakas, “Ripple Affect”
  • George Wallace, “The Ones We Don’t Forget”
  • Terry Wilbur, “If Peace Should Die”
  • Emily XYZ, “Ship of State of Fools”
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