Pokemon Season 5: Master Quest

Episode guide for the fifth season of Pokemon, Master Quest.

Professor Oak, Pikachu and Ash in Pokemon Master Quest.
Professor Oak, Pikachu and Ash in the fifth season of the Pokemon anime. The Pokemon Company

The fifth season of the Pokemon anime (Japanese cartoon), Pokemon Master Quest is the third season set within the Johto region and focuses on Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Brock. It continues on from the previous season, Pokemon Johto League Champions and leads into the following season, Pokemon Advanced which moves the series to the Hoenn region.

Episode 1: Around the Whirlpool

Episode 2: Fly Me to the Moon

Episode 3: Takin' It on the Chinchou

Episode 4: A Corsola Caper!

Episode 5: Mantine Overboard!

Episode 6: Octillery the Outcast

Episode 7: Dueling Heroes

Episode 8: The Perfect Match!

Episode 9: Plant It Now... Diglett Later

Episode 10: Hi Ho Silver... Away!

Episode 11: The Mystery is History

Episode 12: A Parent Trapped!

Episode 13: A Promise is a Promise

Episode 14: Throwing in the Noctowl

Episode 15: Nerves of Steelix!

Episode 16: Bulbasaur... the Ambassador!

Episode 17: Espeon, Not Included

Episode 18: For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll!

Episode 19: Extreme Pokemon!

Episode 20: An EGG-sighting Adventure!

Episode 21: Hatching a Plan

Episode 22: Dues and Don'ts

Episode 23: Just Waiting On a Friend

Episode 24: A Tyrogue Full of Trouble

Episode 25: Xatu the Future

Episode 26: Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution

Episode 27: Rage of Innocence

Episode 28: As Cold as Pryce

Episode 29: Nice Pryce, Baby!

Episode 30: Whichever Way the Wind Blows

Episode 31: Some Like It Hot!

Episode 32: Hocus Pokemon

Episode 33: As Clear as Crystal

Episode 34: Same Old Song and Dance

Episode 35: Enlighten Up!

Episode 36: Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?

Episode 37: Wish Upon a Star Shape

Episode 38: Outrageous Fortunes

Episode 39: One Trick Phony!

Episode 40: I Politoed Ya So!

Episode 41: The Ice Cave

Episode 42: Beauty is Skin Deep

Episode 43: Fangs for Nothing

Episode 44: Great Bowls of Fire!

Episode 45: Better Eight Than Never

Episode 46: Why? Wynaut!

Episode 47: Just Add Water

Episode 48: Lapras of Luxury

Episode 49: Hatch Me if You Can

Episode 50: Entei at Your Own Risk

Episode 51: A Crowning Achievement

Episode 52: Here's Lookin' at You Elekid!

Episode 53: You're a Star, Larvitar!

Episode 54: Address Unown!

Episode 55: Mother of All Battles

Episode 56: Pop Goes the Sneasel

Episode 57: A Claim to Flame!

Episode 58: Love, Pokemon Style

Episode 59: Tie One On!

Episode 60: The Ties That Bind

Episode 61: Can't Beat the Heat!

Episode 62: Playing with Fire

Episode 63: Johto Photo Finish

Episode 64: Gotta Catch Ya Later!

Episode 65: Hoenn Alone!

Note: While the official English Pokemon website lists the last 13 episodes of this fifth season of the Pokemon anime, Pokemon Master Quest as being part of the sixth season, Pokemon Advanced, every official DVD release lists them as being under the unifying “Master Quest” season banner or “Season Five”. For the sake of simplicity and for those wishing to purchase this season, I will be using this release-centric format.

If I Could Only Watch One…

…Episode I would watch Episode 18: For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll!.

This is a rather important episode as it finally reveals the identity of the mysterious legendary bird Pokemon that Ash saw in the very first episode of the Pokemon anime, Episode 1: Pokemon - I Choose You!. In addition to delving into the history and mythology of Ho-Oh, this episode also reveals the origins of three other important legendary Pokemon, Eneti who is one of the main characters in the third Pokemon movie Pokemon 3, Suicune who features in the fourth Pokemon movie Pokemon 4ever and Raikou who appears in a special Pokemon episode.
All three of these legendary Pokemon also appear in important roles in the thirteenth Pokemon movie, Pokemon Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

How to Watch

Due to its popularity, the Pokemon anime and its movies are fairly easy to get your hands on.

The official North American website offers a wide selection of episodes to watch for free from all the story arcs.

The anime also airs very frequently on free to air TV in most countries around the world in addition to the cable channel, Cartoon Network.

Every season of the anime and all the movies and specials are widely available on DVD and several movies can also be found on Blu-ray.