How To Be Politically Active Before an Election

And Still Finish Your Homework

people marching in protest
Vasiliki Varvaki/ E+/ Getty Images

No matter what their size, politics and elections in college are exciting things. From student government to city council to presidential elections, college students and college campuses are often at the forefront of all kind of politics, political activism, and the political process. How do you get involved and make a difference while still managing to stay on top of your academics?

Register Students to Vote on Your Campus

Voter registration drives on college campuses are as much a part of an election process as Election Day itself. Even if you only have an hour or two to spare during lunch, volunteer to help. In just a few hours, you can register your fellow students and community members - and make a huge difference in the political process.

Organize a Voting Trip for Your Fellow Students

Signing up in advance and going in a group always increases the likelihood of someone actually following through with something. Take this organizing tool and apply it directly to your campus. Plan a small "trip" where people from a club, organization, or even your residence hall meet at a predetermined time and vote together. You'll have fun, meet new people, and make a difference, all while only having to spend a small amount of time planning.

Volunteer for an On-campus Political Event

Your involvement doesn't have to be huge to make a big difference. If you know there is a program, speaker, or other event on campus, talk to the organizers about being involved. You can take tickets, pass out flyers, or help with the event set-up. Without help from people doing lots of little things, these events could never happen. A small role is still important!

Incorporate Your Activism and Involvement into a Project or Paper

Who says being politically active has to be separate from your academics? Turn your involvement into research. Join a campaign, plan a program, or attend a rally - and write about it later.

Attend Events for Both Parties or Sides of an Issue

Being a politically active college student includes educating yourself, too, right? So, even if you are 100% confident in how you are going to vote or in how you feel about an issue, attend an event or program for the opposing side. (Remember, too, that you are there to learn and not just argue...) You might be surprised at what you learn during the experience.