Poltergeist Experiences - True Stories - Part 3

Experiences with a poltergeist -- or "noisy spirit" -- can range from annoying to terrifying. Poltergeists can be playful, mischievous or downright malevolent. No one knows for certain what causes poltergeist phenomena, but most researchers suspect it is a psychic phenomenon, centered around a person, rather than a true ghost or spirit. Here are some true cases. 

King Tut's Curse Got Me

C.C. has strange experiences after visiting a King Tut exhibit.

Playful Poltergeist in Kentucky

A young couple seems to be toyed with by a playful poltergeist.

Poltergeist Messes with Electronics

Gabby is being driven nuts by all the weirdness with her electronics.

Vanishing into the Void

Experiences with vanishing things, including a vitamin that disappeared in mid-air.

The Thieving Poltergeist

William is harassed by knocking, footsteps, and the unrelenting disappearance of objects from his home.

Poltergeist Made Our House Crazy

Was all the weird activity because mom used the Ouija Board?

Unexplained Incidents in Caister

"There have been a few unusual, unexplained incidents in this house in Caister, Norfolk, United Kingdom from when we first moved here."

Shadow Poltergeist

"I always saw a black, ominous shadow out the corner of my eye throughout this time. It was always there, watching me, and I could feel it in a sense feeding off my anger."

Kicking Poltergeist

"So we stayed up until midnight telling stories and talking until at exactly midnight we heard a really loud kicking sound that sounded like it was coming from my closet."

Haunted by The Stone Thrower

"I dreaded going to bed and I lived in fear of 'the stone thrower.' Mum and dad didn't listen until I was about 14 years of age."

Scratches from the Poltergeist

"How a young woman is forced from her apartment by unseen hands."

Paramedic Poltergeist

"Well, the men drifted off to sleep and suddenly a storm of paramedic magazines and medical books came flying off the shelf at the men, waking them up."

Toilet Paper Vanishes, Reappears

"I didn't see it materialize, but it was there in an empty place of the desk to my right."

Suffolk Poltergeist

"At around 3 a.m., I suddenly awoke to the sound of a door opening and closing. I was freezing cold..."

The Tarot Haunting

"I would hear what sounded like the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen being quickly pulled open and then slammed shut."

Nude Ouija Stimulates Poltergeist Activity

"Beds would shake and sheets got yanked off the bed. Everyone in our home was awakened in the middle of the night by something invisible grabbing our feet, even if one's foot was under the sheets."

Poltergeists in the South

"I could hear and see things in the house: glass breaking, the sound of a coin when it falls to the floor, rapping on wood in our room, a black mass on the wall, a bright light off the ground in my den, a cold wind went across my face, evil from my basement..."

Ghost Shouts in Ear

"Immediately after moving into an apartment in my son-in-law's mother's house in October, 2008, I began experiencing strange occurrences."

Ghosts Angered by Letter Burning

"We were in the flat for a few months and one morning I heard four knocks on the window of the front door. I looked outside and no one was there."

Knocks and Death's Presence

"For the past three nights I've been awakened at around 4 or 5 in the morning. I'm very scared because I looked up the meaning and it all says the same thing: Death should follow soon."

Mysterious Shoelaces Incident

"my old friends and former drummer T tells me that there is not a day that passes that he does not wonder what happened that night."

Specter Calls Me

"I went back toward my room when I heard my name being said very close to me. I knew I hadn't imagined it this time because my big dogs head shot up and he growled..."

Always the Banging at Night

"So the banging at night kept up, but only once a week. This carried on until I was 16..."

Poltergeist Attachment

"The stair creaks sounded just like how they did when my dad would come up the stairs. So I turned my light out and waited till I heard him go back downstairs..."

Quarter from Nowhere

"Dang! I thought, I really wanted a soda. Just at that moment, something in my peripheral vision caught my eye. I looked up just in time to see a quarter falling straight down to the floor about five feet in front of me..."

Knocks from the Attic

"Suddenly, he heard sounds from the attic again, and this time they were more pronounced. They sounded heavy, like things being moved around..."

Disappearing Flies

"When I got home, there were over 100 large black flies flying around the skylight in the living room area. There were no other flies anywhere else in the house..."

The Ghost Under the Couch

"We played for a while, then got hungry, so one of us went to get the bowl of chips. Only... it wasn't there..."

Aurora Poltergeist

"Suddenly the TV flipped on and the volume was loud. At the exact same time, the door leading to the garage flew open we all screamed bloody murder..."

Kitchen Poltergeist

"We heard either knocks on our entrance door and kitchen utensils banging. I'm not sure if the utensils banging came first, but from downstairs we can hear utensils banging and someone eating from the kitchen..."

Knocks from an Empty Room

"I was getting a soda from the mini fridge when three distinct knocks came from the blocked door..."

Poltergeist Hides Things

"All three of us were looking at it -- and it just disappeared. It never made it to the floor! We were all dumbfounded..."

Conversations with My TV - Part II

"I am still reeling from everything that took place. Bear with me, and I will do my best to explain, though it is difficult for me..."

Quarter from the Ceiling

"When I looked up, I didn't see anything... but suddenly heard something hit the floor. I turned on my light so I could see what fell and when I looked, it was a quarter laying there..."

Karachi Poltergeist

The poltergeist activity began with strange scents, then things went missing, then....

Creepy Apartment Poltergeist

Jamie is spooked by her new apartment, especially with the poltergeist activity.

Russian Ghost in the Barn

Hillary is told of a death long ago in her barn which could explain the mysterious voices.

Followed by Poltergeist Activity

Marine has several poltergeist experiences, in Sweden and in North Hollywood.

Duchame Street Entity

"Every night around 1:00 a.m., I would wake up to hear what sounded like someone sliding heavy furniture above my bedroom..."

Poltergeist Messes with My iPad

Susan experiences poltergeist activity as she works on a ghost website.

The Phantom Radio Incident

Michael and his friend search in vain for a radio playing in his garage.

Poltergeist in the Basement

Drew experiences a poltergeist messing with lights, stairs, and doors.

Urgent Phantom Knocking

For over ten years, Pearl experienced ghostly knocking on her door.

Closet Poltergeist Switches the Light

Megan is spooked by the poltergeist activity in her closet.

Mysterious Borrowers Took Glasses

Denise is rightly puzzled by the disappearance and appearance of her glasses.

Freaked Out by Unexplained Growl

Oscar and a coworker cannot explain the source of a weird growl.

Trickster Returns the False Teeth

Some false teeth go missing, then mysteriously return a year later.

Keys Popped Out of Nowhere

House keys vanish, then suddenly show up in an impossible way.

Friend's Poltergeist Kept Me Awake

While staying at a friend's house, poltergeist activity terrifies Eddie.

Poked by Ghostly Finger

A ten year old is continually poked by unseen fingers.

The Tell-Tale Thumping

"These noises continued for about two more weeks, until I heard thumping from under the floor. I usually only hear it twice a night, but right now I've just heard it for the fourth time..."

Our Little Ghost, Katie

"We never felt threatened or frightened, and grew to accept our ghost"...

My Mother the Ghost

"Right after she died, I would be at home at night on the computer and would smell her perfume. I knew she was around all the time..."

Garage Door Poltergeist

"Suddenly, the rolling door began to rattle and the rattle got more and more violent, like it was being shook and played. And then the rattle was replaced by violent bangs as if being banged and kicked by something (or someone). This went on and on..."

Basement Poltergeist Weirdness

"I've lived in the same 50-some-year-old average house in a big city for the past 17 years. The first experiences were doors opening and closing..."

The Baffling Kitten Incident

"I came back to the truck to get the kitten not even five minutes later, and he was gone! I looked everywhere. The kitten had been in such bad shape, I wouldn't have thought it could have crawled anywhere..."

What Was in the Backyard

"As I was falling asleep, I heard the sound of someone sliding their feet across the floor as they walked. I just closed my eyes and hid under the covers..."

Unwelcoming Spirit

"During the night, we would hear lots of things. Bottles would be heard rolling around outside the bedroom doors... bedroom doors would unlock themselves and swing open... we would hear screams in the loft..."

Ghost Hated Her Pictures

"The weird thing is that every morning she would find her pictures turned around. She always thought the kids were doing it and she scolded them. This kept happening..."

Terrified by Footsteps

"But then from my top bed my door was open and I could loudly and clearly hear footsteps. Since my door was open, I glanced and it was dark, no light or nothing..."

Remodeling Stirs Up Entities

"I noticed a face appearing on the wall, and it looked mean, like it had something coming out of the top of its head, like horns..."

Wedding Ring Mystery

"She got ready to go and stopped to put lotion on her hands. She took her wedding set off, so as not to get lotion on them. Set them on the counter right in front of her. When she went to put them on, the wedding band was there but not the engagement ring..."

Footsteps Terrified My Mother

"I finally and unfortunately witnessed something to which I was not the sole witness. My mother and I noticed the same phenomenon and both reacted to it..."

Unexplained Wall Smashing

"I heard what sounded like dishes clanking together in the kitchen, which was only separated by a small 3-foot divider..."

Weird Text Messages

I texted back, "Who is this???" The reply was,"Just a friend. sum1 who watches ur every move. ur lil guardian angle."

Vanishing Money Mystery

"I got them ready, grabbed my wallet, and -- lo and behold! -- no money. I know it was there the day before and I came right home... so where was it?"

Poltergeist's Pillow

"We had heard stories from other members of the family of cabinet doors opening and closing and pots and pans being taken out of the cupboard and placed in odd places in the house, but we thought nothing of it."

Ghost Mate

"A black silhouette moved across the right side of the big TV screen, then vanished. I knew I had just seen my ghost..."

Gordonsbay Poltergeist

"When we went out at night, we would make sure that everything was turned off, lights, the TV. Time and again we would return to find the bathroom light on or the TV turned on..."

Cabinet Poltergeist

"They were watching TV when all of a sudden the big, wooden cabinet directly across from the couch began to shake..."

Stirling Poltergeist

"It stopped me in my tracks and I stood there, very still, for at least five minutes. It didn't scare me, but I did get a bit of a shock when it happened..."

Summerville Poltergeist

"I would like to know what might have caused the odors and flies. It never happened again. When there is a death in my family, there always is a knock on the door for three days in a row..."

Cul-de-sac from Hell

"He was laughing and playing, but then he looked up and screamed, 'Scary face, scary face!' He ran to my mother and put his head in her lap and would not look up for several minutes..."

Scary Housesitting Job

"The first night I stayed there, the house had weird sounds -- as if someone was walking around. This sound was all night, and I just thought it was the house settling. I went to sleep..."

Our Haunted House

"My son would always say that the curtains were moving. He heard soft voices, but couldn't make out the words. He said his bed shook all the time..."