Poltergeist Haunts This Old Fargo Home

After moving in to the old house, Kay experience some very disturbing poltergeist activity

I bought an older home in Fargo, North Dakota in the spring of 2002. At first I didn't pay any attention to the noises and lights flickering because of its age. In the first few weeks I would see someone run by my window in the backyard. I would run out and try to catch them, but never saw anyone and wondered how they could run down the side of the house that fast.

All I could see of him was a black shape of a man from the waist up going by.

It took some time before I realized that the guy would have to be ten feet tall to be seen at the window. I'm 5 feet 6 inches tall and the bottom of the window is a few inches above me. I still didn't think anything of the noises and flickering lights.

I was sitting on the couch and an orb came in from an outside wall in my staircase and into the other wall. The only other time I saw them was during the day and two orbs one behind the other egg-shaped and a solid white went about four feet off the ground across my living room and disappeared.

Again I was sitting on my couch with my cat and we both watched them go by. My cat couldn't have cared less and they didn't frighten me either. I'm not looking for odd things to happen, so didn't notice unless it was in my face.

I had moved in a dresser and left it at the bottom of the stairs because I didn't feel like hauling it up to the second floor yet.

That evening I heard a loud noise in that area and just thought it was something falling down the stairs. I put stuff on my stairs and would take it all up at once instead of a bunch of trips. When I went there the next day, a drawer was open, and not just a little; it was pulled almost all the way out.

Then I became frightened.

During the winter I put plastic on the windows to keep the cold out. The tape that's used takes the paint off when removed it if you're not careful. Right in front of me the plastic was ripped half way off a full-size window.

For about 15 years I've had problems with pictures I had taken with white streaks and light spots on them. I thought it was where I was getting them developed, so took them to four different places hoping to correct the problem. I've had three different cameras over this time and so I knew it wasn't that. I had thrown some away thinking they were just developed wrong and now I wished I hadn't. I never thought they were anything paranormal. I've stopped taking pictures.

Over time almost everything has stopped but for a few noises and lights flickering that I've hardly noticed. Now it's January, 2016 and have had some loud noises, my lights are flickering again and too many bulbs are going out, but it is an old house.

What I can't explain is all my electronics are not working properly. My coffee pot I love started leaking and and my gas stove I use to heat my house stopped working all in the same week.

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